Tuesday, February 18

The Sunny Sunroom

Many of you know, that while all the Hickok ladies were in Indiana last November through January, the mister was here in Richmond trying to find us a home. I had only one style of home in mind: a mid century rambler with loads of light and built-ins, strewn with subtle charm. Toss in a rolling hillside, a darling chicken coup with acres to roam, and maybe a goat or two. Oh, and how about a couple of singing angels at sunrise? All these would make my dream complete. Apparently, most of my list would be considered an upgrade in these parts, especially the goats. 

The search was long for the man. He scoured the area looking for something that fit in our price range. We are not new-construction people, which limited our options greatly. This house, while built in the early 80's, did not jump out at us on our internet searches. It was recently renovated from top to bottom to give it that "new construction" look, so we past over it on our searches. But after looking at everything else, and still coming up empty, he thought we had nothing to loose giving this one a once over. 

The sun room sold him. This house is a two-story colonial, recently overhauled and updated (which most people would love, but we like old, so that was a negative for us), the living spaces are large and open, but not like our last home (I had a hard time not pining for that open-concept living room). But the sun room, oh man, so much light. Open to the kitchen. Views of the forest in the backyard. So much light. Large enough for our very long farm table. So much light!!!! Eeeek! He was sold. 
So was I. 

This is around 7:30 this morning just before breakfast. Can you hear my sunrise angels singing in the morning? They came with the house. Double bonus.

We are using the far side of the room to keep our tools and paint, since we are already in the middle of projects. I have lots of ideas for this room, starting with paint and curtains, but I am rather happy to let it be for now and just enjoy the light. 

The mister took some lunchtime shots yesterday so you can really see this room in action.

Not to be outdone, I clicked some shots at dinner last night.

Hope you enjoyed seeing our little happy spot and are soaking in some rays of your own today. 


  1. Love this...shiny floors! :)

  2. I LOVE IT! You're going to do amazing things in here - you always do!

  3. Lily, so grown up. Addie too. Oh my.