Wednesday, September 18

The Shreve House in All Her Glory, and Some Big News

Well, you knew it wouldn't be long, but maybe a bit longer than this...we are moving, again. :o) The mister has accepted a promotion as graphic designer at Fort Lee, VA (just south of Richmond). It has been a crazy two weeks. This is the job we thought we would get last April (before buying the house), but then the sequester hit and all jobs were frozen or retracted. We thought the Lord wanted us to stay, since we had already sold our home in WA and mom was on her way down. What we didn't realize was that as soon as the sequester was over, our inbox would start lighting up!
This was one of two job offers the mister was given and we are thrilled for the promotion and for him to be given the chance to do what he loves.
But, that means we are gonna have to say goodbye to this home just when we were getting it all gussied up. Maybe it will sell in one day? That would be fabulous!
So, I will share some photos with you all. And if you're in the area and want to make us an offer we can't refuse...well, then we won't refuse it. Seriously.

Everyone in the South should own their own longhorns. And we fully embrace that expectation.

Sayonara beige beige beige!

The mister made that chalkboard above the counter. Love HIM!

"I love my house, I love my nest, Of every house, This nest is best!"

The sun room cracks me up. There is something hanging from the ceiling in every corner...which was not intentional, but there it is. 

The view of the backyard from the sunroom.

Check out the washi tape leggins on my $4 stools!

Phase one of the kitchen is complete. Eventually, we wanted to do a nice backsplash and a rockin countertop, but I love the transformation as is. 

Thank you American Home Shield for the new double ovens. They are stupendous (and super handy).

There you have it! More pics of the rest of the house coming up later gaters!


  1. Once again, you and Stephen's decor skills are through the roof. Every house looks different but they all totally look like a Hickok house! Nicely done! Can't wait to see the new place!

    1. Thanks, Bekah! And thanks for being such an awesome friend and encourager! We will phone date soon!!!! Will message you later. Love you!

  2. Well done Lydia and Stephen to bad I didn't get to see the house. But I will see you in VA next year. Dad

  3. usual! love you all.

  4. LOVE it!!! what is the name of your style??? AND----did you get rid of the microwave?

  5. Happy news, Lydia...and congratulations to Stephen on the new job! I will be praying your little nest sells quickly so you can find a new one to put your own touches to. You'll be close to my sister, Bethany, in VA. Maybe you'll have to look her up? ;o)