Thursday, May 16

The New House

 Well, here are some pictures of the new house. We have been in almost a week and still have several boxes in the garage. I almost have my paint colors chosen for most of the rooms and will begin work in the living room/sun room/dining room first. There is loads to be done, but the projects all seem very doable. I guess you can consider all these the "before" pictures. :o) 

The driveway is very long with the garage opening in the the back (love that part!).

The rather long hike to our front door. It almost feels like the NW with all the green and the tall trees!

The cul de sac! Such a great neighborhood with friendly neighbors to-boot.

The front door. 

The view of the living room from the front entry.

Sun room/dining room

Yeah, I'm glad we have some furniture coming when mom moves down. It looks pretty sparse in these large rooms.

You can see where the mister already started the reno in the kitchen. He took out the upper cabinets above the peninsula to let in more light.

Why, hello there mister gas stove. You are looking mighty fine these days.

And a peak at the back yard from the girl's room.

More pics to come later...


  1. What a great house!! It looks so "you!!" - love all the light and openness! What fun & what a huge answer to prayer! (oh, & your welcome mat is so um...welcoming! ;)

  2. Awesome, awesome, awesome! My first thought was that it reminds me of Washington! How gracious of God to give you such a great home & beautiful setting! So excited to see all the great changes you will make. Let the
    "Hickok-i-zation" begin! So incredibly happy for you!!! Hugs!

  3. I think you should make sure there's a house nearby for sale so we can move in next to you. Way more doable than WA. Only a couple years away.

  4. wow - what a great house and a wonderful canvas for you all to work your magic!

  5. The neighborhood looks wonderful and your house is so cute! I'm sure you have a ton of ideas brewing up in your purty head:)