Monday, March 19

More Apartment

Quick report. We are alive! Just doing the day to day with nothing significant to report. But, some of you have asked for some more pics of our little apartment. Well, this is the most lazy (and kind of blurry) photo job I believe I have ever done. I didn't actually leave my spot at the dinning room table. But here you go!

A peek into the girl's room. We are still searching craigslist every day for bunk beds for the girls. At present, they are sleeping on the floor, quite contentedly, I might add (there is a lesson in there for me not to dwell on it). 

Well, that's it really. See more pics here

See? Alive and well. 

The mister is working along happily at the base. He spent last weekend doing his Navy Reserve work, which seemed to be a fairly smooth transition from WA to LA.

I will be traveling with my girls up to WA for two weeks at the end of April. Thrilled and excited to squeeze my momma and get my hands dirty planting her garden. Will also be able to help out with her show, Anne of Green Gables. 

Still discovering the Shreveport area, making new friends, and working hard at home. So far, I have found life slower here. No hustle and bustle. I miss a good hustle and bustle. 

Love you, friends!


  1. Ahhh - thanks for posting! I miss your face! It cheers me to see you and the girls and your familiar home items, albeit in new digs! Can't wait to hustle and bustle with you soon!!

  2. Dad (Grandpa)March 19, 2012

    Great job Lydia. I see Lily has a career in making faces. I just love it. Good Job Lily. Addy Grandpa love your smile. Dad and Grandpa.

  3. Love seeing a snippet of your new life! Can't wait to see you all in April:)