Thursday, January 19

Snapshots of the New Place

Before you get too excited, let me give you fair warning: not much to see here. But, many of my friends have asked to see where we are holding up for at least the next six months. I give you: Our Apartment with eight feet of the Hickok's stuff, 8x10x13 feet actually. That is the amount of space we fit all of our belongings into for the move. It took about a half hour to unload, and only a day to unpack. We left many larger sized items behind. Our dining table was painted to match the built-in kitchen benches, so she got left. Our bed frame died the week before our move, and was therefore destined for burial in Washington. The girls matching beds were gifted to some dear friends who will give them some love and attention. So, here we are, one bed, one air mattress, one sofa, some books and some bikes, clothes for our backs and kitchen-y things for our tummies. Really, bare bones, and simple. At first, I had a hard time being excited about apartment living, coming from a 1940's brick home with loads of character. But I'm not gonna lie, I am kinda diggin' the simple life. Keeping it Real: I actually complained to the mister this week that I "just didn't have enough to clean every day." Seriously. What is wrong with me!?! very modern of us. 

Another view. Where the graphic designer does his thing. 

The formal dining room. Yes, that is a kid's table. Yes, we do all sit around it for three meals a day. Rather quaint. No, we are not using a mini tea set for our plates and such. And yes, all Hickok women find that posture remarkably comfortable. 

This is is just cause I think it is pretty.

The view from our front door. A rather nice perk. 

The girls are doing so well; thank you for all your prayers. The Lord's leading and guidance has been apparent every day on this remarkable journey. Most days, the mister comes home from work with more good news concerning his job and our future. Thank you, friends, for all your encouragement. And, if anyone wants a break from all that snow, there is plenty of room by the pool. 


  1. Couple thoughts...your necklaces aren't in thousands of knots, minimal but SWEET Mac, and the meal time visual was a fun thought!! Love ya girl....glad you are settling in and I'm still praying! :)

  2. Hahaha! I forgot about the Great Necklace Debacle with your sweet girls! Too funny! Yeah, we are overly Mac-ed out, but they do get the job done in style! Hopefully we will be making a trip to Dallas in the next month or so, maybe we could meet up again?

  3. Love your contentment, making the best of it, and seeing it is all just God's plan unfolding. Minimal looks good on you!!!
    Hugs all around,


    1. THanks for all your sweet comments and encouragement! Miss you so much. Hugs to you too!

  4. We'll continue to pray. Thanks for the update!

  5. So happy you are settling in. It's pretty amazing what we can live without, isn't it? Loved the MAC pic, looks similar to the one that gets design work at our house...a necessity evidently! ;o) Thanks for the tiny peak into life.