Wednesday, January 4

My Favorite Parts of Barksdale AFB

Some of you may remember my facetious presumption that we would be living on a street filled with huge Southern mansions that I would stroll by every day on my morning walks. I mocked myself for that fluffy dream. Well, I sure get a kick out of God's sweet gestures of kindness. Since we moved into our lodgings here on the AFB, I have been staring at the military housing that salute the streets right out our windows. No, we aren't staying in one of these homes, but that is fine with me. I just love looking at them. Yep. I stroll through these neighborhoods just to look at all the beautiful homes lining the streets. Boy, do I stroll. Sometimes I even look up to see if Mary Poppins is going to float down out of the sky.

Most of the houses on the main base were originally built in 1932. The large, two-story units depict French colonial settings. This was such a neat surprise. I was so skeptical about liking much about Shreveport, that I never bothered to research the base. What a noodle! 

My second favorite part of Barksdale AFB, is the tall, luscious trees! I told the mister, I had forgotten, until now, about the trees in the South. They are so huge! Being in the Northwest for the past six years, I have gotten used to tall trees, but the wing spans on these bad boys is impressive. On the base, all the streets are lined with beautiful deciduous trees that reach over the roads and look like they are frozen in a very serious game of London Bridges. 

When we first arrived, I thought of this place as just a holding station until we found our home, totally forgetting until yesterday that the mister gets to work here! How fun to have a beautiful campus to walk through every day. Did I mention it was almost seventy degrees today with a nice cool breeze? Simply lovely. 


  1. JSarr and I would love strolling by those houses, too! And the weather...Miss you.

  2. Miss you, Sonja! Thanks for the Christmas card picture, it was lovely! Love you!

  3. Hey family,
    Your in heaven. Very excited for you. Looks like all of you will settle nicely. Keep us informed.
    Lots of Love
    Aunt Sue

  4. Your pictures make me think of Savannah GA for some reason. What a beautiful place to be...and you moved during a perfect season!

  5. Deb, the base is very beautiful. I am excited to see it in the spring. The rest of the area is not nearly as lovely. I am still a little in denial...that we are here and not in WA! Trying to just jump in and not bring all my Washington expections into everything.