Thursday, December 22

The Big Move

Well, It's official. We really are moving to Shreveport, Louisiana. 99.9% sure (there is always a chance something will happen, right?). Only five days left. Everyone keeps asking if I am excited or scared. Mostly scared with a slight hint of excitement. Once all the goodbyes are said and we hit the road, I think the excitement will gain some speed.

Did you know that I grew up in Memphis? Born there anyway, and lived there until I was twelve. So, I suppose I didn't "grow up" in the South, but I get it. I still love the goosebumps that sprout the second you step out of the air conditioning and into the sticky heat, those slow sweet accents that roll off the tongue, and honey slathered on warm corn muffins. See, we can do this! Louisiana would not have been my first choice, or even my second. But, honestly, every place has it's own quirks, annoyances, and surprises. And, every place the mister and I have ever lived (two states and counting) has been home just because we are all together.

I would like to think all of Shreveport, LA looks like this:

Yep. Just one long lane of 'em after another. I know this is not the case, but a girl can dream. 

The reality is, we are going to be staying in an apartment for some time until we get everything figured out. But stuff is just stuff. A house is just a house. I will have my mister and my girlies: the best things.

Several people have asked me if we are going to miss our sweet home since we worked so hard on it. Well, yes, of course, but only a little bit. It is really just a bunch of bricks we try to make pretty. The mister and I have loved working on it here and there. And since my sweet momma will be hanging around, we will certainly be back for many visits (someone has to work on that garden, sigh).

Mom really loves her home here, and her job, and her church. We will be renting out our side of the house, so mom will have some sweet company and we will have some wiggle room in our wallets. Thank the Lord for finding the perfect renter! Phew!

What We Will Miss the Most

1. My Momma. No doubt our biggest loss leaving Washington. She is going to hold down the fort here in our home until we get our acts together. I am not sure those kindergartners could manage without her (did you know they sometimes slip and call her "Grandma"?). What will I do without her there to cheer me up, hold my hand, snuggle with my girls? Facetime? God is so good, and my prayer is that she will be able to bless some other young momma with her wisdom and love (God has given her an abundance of both).

2. Our Church. The Lord has taught us so much through Grace Bible Church. I can't believe it has been six years! Seeing all our dear brothers and sisters on Sunday mornings and evenings and then meeting with many families during the week has hugely impacted our little family. We have loved being a part of a church body and seeing our lives mingling with other believers. Man, I am just so thankful for all the parents who took time to teach us about parenting and discipling our children. Those lessons are invaluable. I just might miss our choir the most. My idea of corporate worship has been transformed over the last six years here. Thank you John and the rest of my choir comrades (can someone please keep Arden in line while I am gone?). I love you all!

3. Finally, dear, dear friends. Irreplaceable. We will miss game nights with the Smiths, coffee,  sleepovers, and Mario Kart with the Bones, more coffee with sweet Janet, food and games at the Jasons, holidays with the Hanleys, play dates with Melamas, more games with the Wainwrights, cookouts with Drew and April, Virgils with the Vanderbekens, and home projects with all our favorite people. I will miss my gal pals: Bekah, Aisha, Carol, Jen, Leila, Janet, LaurieAnne, Gale, Joan, Erica, Susan, all the sweet ladies from Titus 2, and many, many more. I love you guys! (insert misty eyes and virtual hugs).

Thanks y'all for reading. See ya on the flip side!


  1. Very well said, Lydia. God is building faith-muscles in us for sure!!! You will be a blessing to those God brings into your lives in LA & be able to add more names to that list of "dear, dear friends" who will make your life richer & more complete. Blessings & prayers to you as you pack, leave, travel, re-adjust & settle!

  2. :( Sniffle. Your attitude is always so positive and trusting! I'm going to miss you more than you can know. Our yummy before choir suppers and seeing your girls grow up have added a rich layer to my life. And who will help me with graphic art questions??????? STEVE DONT GO!!!!! I know you will have many new adventures to recount and we will all anxiously await a new blog post on all of the little things and many ways God is working in your lives. You are loved Hickock family.

  3. so sweet, lydia...i know God will give you peace and comfort in the coming days (and lots of energy hopefully, right?) i'll be praying for your momma too...such a sweet Godly woman and i know she will be missed! let me know know when you are up for s visit from an old friend! ; )

  4. This is your big sister. I'm excited and sad about the move. Now my sista will only be 16 hours away and I can drive instead of fly and make pits top in Memphis too. I will still have come see my momma her at the house. One day they will all be back together again. I love you sister.

  5. I am excited for you and your family as you set out on your new adventure. It may be scary but what a great opportunity to trust God through this. I can't wait to read your blog in the next coming months.
    Love Roxanne