Saturday, May 21

Pre Party Set Up

First off, I love throwing parties for my girls. I know, it shocks me to say it. I didn't have a birthday party until I turned 21. Seriously. It just wasn't something my family did. So, I am not sure what the deal is, but I get all excited about finding cool party ideas and planing way ahead. Which is very much out of my character (I am not overly organized and am definitely not a planner). 

The story begins on Monday. I went out the the patio, which I have been steadily preparing for the party for the past couple of weeks. I jotted down notes and came up with a game plane. I had some ides that I referenced here, in a previous post. I decided not to do an actual tea party, but was for sure on board with the rose cake. I landed on a red, pink, and green theme (mostly determined by the pink and red cake and the green luggage I wanted to incorporate). 

On Friday, I went ahead and set up as much as possible, to get a basic layout. I didn't want to be rushed in the morning, since I couldn't put being "Mommy" on hold the next morning while trying to set up. Below are some of pre-pics I took of the basic layout. 

Imagine the bowl of lemons is a pink and red triple layer cake! So pretty!

Below is the menu, so imagine all that displayed on the food table:

PB&J on Dave's Killer Bread
Tuna on Rye with Pickles
Apple Slices with PJ, Honey, and Walnut Dip
Caprese Salad
Veggie Tray with Ranch
Totally Awesome Rose Cake
Pink Lemonade

The fun, whimsical (it always cracks me up when people reference their own things as whimsical. Doesn't really make sense) decorations about the food table. 

The picnic table where the guests will eat. Imagine picnic benches with seven 36 inch red balloons (yes, I did say 36 inches!)  tied to each seat! It could only look spectacular!

Feeling rather excited about my pre-set-up. I disassembled as much as needed and went inside to relax, feeling great about the morning's prospects. 

It was just too good to be true. I had heard rumblings that the sunny, 70 degree weather we had had all day, would not last the night. I refused to believe said rumblings, and decided to enact my powers of positive thinking. I haven't figured out what my kryptonite is, but my powers were obviously, greatly diminished. For the morning's rain tapping on my window was very real. And Plan B (whatever that was) had to become Plan A. 

To Be Continued. Tomorrow. :o)


  1. WHAT?! TOMORROW?! I can't wait that long!

  2. HAHAHA! You were there, dude! But, you made me laugh! :o)