Friday, April 15

Rethinking a Rose-Themed-Tea-Party-Birthday

 I was talking with a dear friend today about the eldest's birthday party coming up this May. It is a strange phenomena when your first born develops opinions, like what she would like to wear in the morning, or whether she wants milk or water to drink at lunch, or how many sheets of toilet paper is appropriate to pull off to blow her nose. Let me reassure you, I am not going crazy allowing her to make choices left and right, but I am enjoying seeing her become an individual. Realizing she isn't a mini-me. She isn't me at almost-four, she is just Lily at almost-four. 

It is a fine line, reminding them they don't own the world, but not stifling their growing understanding of themselves. I keep reminding myself she is a work in progress, eventually she WILL stop pretending to be a kitten, and will most likely not be a twenty year old wearing four pairs of tights because she likes them all too much to decide which one to put on. 

Actually, it is rather thrilling, like an unexpected breeze blowing through the air, those quick growth spurts in her personality. I am looking forward to seeing these girls in all their lovely (and not so lovely) phases. I can still remember thinking every day lasted forever, and when waiting for a whole week seemed impossible. Now, I look back and the mister has been gone almost six months, Lily can spell her name, and Adelaide can jump with two feet into the air and down stairs (a terrifying and proud sight). Here we go, always moving forward. 

I love party planning, even small parties (especially small ones) for the girls. Sometimes, I feel like I spend too much time planning these little get togethers, but then I think back. I remember those truly special days my mom put together. We didn't have much, and she was "dog-tired most of her thirties," but she made memories for us. Those memories where I felt totally loved and special and cared for. I hope I can give my girls memories they will carry with them as they grow into young women. A mom for almost four years, I see how short this time will be. The time I have to snuggle, cuddle, kiss and tickle them whenever I want. 

So, I want these little parties to bring smiles to their faces when they have their own children someday (a rather bizaar thought). Right now I am working on a tea party/rose theme party (per the eldest's specific requests). Here are some of my favorite ideas that are inexpensive, but will, hopefully, lock up those memories for a long time to come. 

I am on a little paper fan kick lately. I think I could make some of these easily and group them like this all over the chalkboard. So pretty. 
(photo credit: enjoyeventsco)

I thought, if it is nice outside, We could have our tea party on the patio with these lovely balloons (probably red, though) tied to the chairs. Doesn't this image make you smile? Me too. 
(photo credit: enojyeventsco)

And she asked for a rose cake, well these little birds made me happy and fit the rose bill just right. 

One more year, here we come! 


  1. My favorite birthday party growing up was with homemade playdoh. I don't even know for sure if it was a birthday party. I do remember when I disobeyed one time at dinner, I think I was leaning back in my chair, and mom and dad made me stand for the rest of the meal. It seems like a silly thing now but I still remember the profound hurt inside of me as everyone else sat down as they ate. But the very best part was when the playdoh dinosaurs had hardened in the window sill. Biting off little pieces of ears and scales and claws... so salty... so good.

  2. That part in the middle was so random! are the two stories linked together? Mom never had birthday parties for us, but I do remember going to a couple and thinking it was the best thing in the whole wide world.

  3. I love the tea party theme. It is what I'm planning for Olivia for her Golden Birthday this year (turning five on 12/5). I can't wait to see what you put together! Her favorite tea is chamomile b/c that's what Peter Rabbit got when he came home from Mr. McGregor's garden!
    They do grow up way too fast, don't they? And year #4, there have been so many opinions from her...some she's allowed to run with, some we discuss, and some are veto-ed down by mama ;o) I can't let her grow up all in one year, you know! ;o)

  4. That is so cute about Peter Rabbit. I love that!
    I bet you are just the coolest momma, ever! I can sense these things. Love you!

  5. Leaning back in the chair seemed to be a big problem for us kids. Weird. Mine don't do that at all.

    Like the new look here. Purty picture of the girls and beach.

  6. Thanks, Robert! I have been tweaking and re-doing the masthead for a couple of weeks, now. I think I like this one, for a while at least. That picture was taken (as I am sure you know) on our last visit with you guys in Cali. Miss you and your ladies!

  7. Oh - you make me long for the days when my kids were small and we had tea parties and puppet shows. I am glad you are treasuring the little moments and keeping a journal of them. What a sweet wife and mom you are:)

  8. I don't remember leaning back in my chair. I do remember leaning over the balcony on the steps.