Wednesday, April 27

Color Everywhere!

Since I have been contemplating color in my home (and outside, too), I was struck by something this afternoon. I had just put the girls down for naps after lunch. While leaning on the kitchen counter, sipping my very dark coffee (cream, no sugar, please), I took a quiet moment to really look at my dinning room. HOLY COW is there a lot of color in here today! I have three people to thank for brightening my afternoon (well, five, if you count my girls and their coloring pages still strewn across the table). First, Miss CJ, brought me these loverly tulips last week, which totally made up for my Tulip Festival debacle. They have been beautiful for almost two weeks now! Fresh flowers always make me smile. 

There are two other ladies who contributed to this cheery site: Miss Gretchen and Miss Barbara. They graciously volunteered to watch my kids three nights this week, while I am up at school helping the mommers out with her play, Harvey (Thur.-Sat. 7pm, in the Grace Gym. Go See It! It. Is. Awesome.) Anywho, quite the artists, these two. My happy sun and moon made me grin all day today. 

Thanks gals, for cheering me up on a day when it's raining sideways! You're the Bestest!

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