Wednesday, April 6

Skagit Tulip Festival

I am not some amazing botanist, but I do realize, that that is not a tulip. But, it also snowed here today, so up isn't always up, and down isn't always down. The tulips are keeping quite to themselves lately with all the crazy weathery things going amuck. So, I hereby rename this annual event: Skagit Daffodil Festival 2011! 

Alas, my big sis is in town for a week, and I really wanted to show her some sites. In the past, her visits have been mostly relegated to being homebodies with my two little daughters. But, both girls are so easy to take out and about now, I am trying to show her all Washington has to offer. Even as I was leaving the driveway, heat blasting in the car and wipers speeding across my window, I was unwavering in my determination to show her the amazing tulips farms we have around here. 

Well, the weather never cleared and the tulips made no attempts to appease me. Oh well, the daffodils were rather striking. Though the gardens lacked some color, they are always well tended and inspiring. 

Me and my sis, Beka.  

We all live in a yellow submarine...

Ok, so now the funny part. I clocked our time there, since it was raining, and freezing, and very few tulips making any appearances. Soooo...We spent a total of fifteen minutes wandering around the gardens, and another twenty minutes...can you guess where? 

That's the food tent, eating kettle corn. 

See the joy? That's my girl!

 There are certain things in my life that can make absolutely any moment spectacular, kettle corn is right up there.

All in all, not too shabby. A great way to spend a rainy day. The best part was the ride home in the car, everyone still stuffing their faces with the yummies, Lily singing every song she could think of, and Addie playing "Boo!" with Auntie Beka. There aren't many things better than a family, being together, making memories. But, that kettle corn, oh baby, put this day over the top. 


  1. It is strange seeing the tulip place so deserted. I would have been nervous zombies were about.

  2. Remember when we did the Snohomish Farmer's Market in the pouring rain (last summer)!? Kettle corn saved the day then too!!

  3. YES! I thought of that, too! It was a great trip anyway,wasn't it? Let's do that again as soon as the markets are open!