Wednesday, March 30

Laundry Room Inspiration Board

I have started brainstorming with our stupendous carpenter, Dave, about what the shelving and storage needs are for the laundry room. You can see what it looks like now, here. Hopefully, he will be putting up the basic shelves tomorrow on the long wall above the washer and dryer. We are still hashing out what the drying rack should look like and where it should go. I also want a laundry sorter and place for the ironing board. A lot of wants for a tiny space. Here are some of the laundry rooms, that are giving me some inspiration for this project room. 

After looking through these guys, I really want to snag some clear canisters at Ikea for the soap and detergents. And some cool vintage metal basins would be awesome as well. We'll have to garage sale those guys. What about you guys? Are there any must haves in your dream laundry room?


  1. Yes! Since it doubles as the mudroom, I need a place to store all the muddy shoes. There is an open under-counter area for storage, but it's blocked when the door's open. Bill is planning on building a platform for our washer and dryer to save my back, and we are thinking of building shoe cubbies into it.

    I also want to put a paper towel rod over the utility sink.

    I really like the first pic for the same reasons you like it!

  2. I think a brick pizza oven would be nice next to the washer

  3. Babe, come on, this a VERY serious discussion.