Saturday, March 19

Laundry Room Transformation

    The laundry room was one of the first rooms the mister tore apart. Those ugly cabinets and all the exposed wires were ripped out almost immediately after we moved into our project house. Of course that does mean that it would have to be one of the last rooms we would attack. The mister worked very hard putting up the wall with the yellow door, so that the MIL would have a little privacy. But besides that, it remained mostly bones until this past week. It isn't complete yet, but the new shelves will be put in next week, and the floor has yet to be decided on. I want to thank the Lord for his gracious goodness to us. It has been nice to have some good projects to work on while my man is away. And through the generosity of my wonderful mother, many of these final tasks are getting completed. Woohoo!






One of my favorite parts is this sweet chalkboard. It is actually opens up to the electric box panel. All we had to do was frame it in and paint the door! So easy, but so much better than the original. Can't wait to leave clever notes there for the mommers! I also painted the ceiling and it really brightened the place up. I haven't painted the inside of that sky light. I wanted to do a really fun pop of color, but since this room is more a part of the MIL apartment, I will have to find something that pops, but also is mellow and sophisticated (good luck on that one, I guess hot pink is out). 


  1. Great job! I love it. I thought the skylight was orange until you said it wasn't painted. I love the ceiling. My favorite part is also the chalkboard cover. Very smart.

  2. I would have loved if the skylight were orange, just so you know.

  3. Sometimes your creativity makes me sick....just saying

  4. I take you like it, Bekah? And I am not all that creative. David H, framed the electric panel (it was my idea, though, so I will take a wee bit of credit). The colors are the same as my kitchen since I had that paint already. Come to think of it, with the chalkboard, it is pretty much my kitchen in miniature. Haha! So, totally NOT creative. Just copied myself!

    Beth, I had asked mom last night if I could paint it orange (great minds) and she shot me down. Then I thought a nice sky blue (like Lily's room) and she was hesitant but warming to the idea. We shall see. I can't wait for the shelves to get in there.