Thursday, April 21

Around the House

63. That's number of rooms I have painted in my relatively short life, give or take. My first paint job I shared with my mom. It was the upstairs bathroom in the house on 8th Street, circa 1996. The home was close to a hundred years old, and still had the original clawfoot bathtub (totally under appreciated) and with enough hard-to-reach nooks to make me wish I had never started. I remember being so proud of the clean look of the room when it was done. Painting a room made me feel...well...grown-up, really. Ahhh, naivety at its best and brightest. I would slap that girl if I could.

Fast forward twenty years (gulp!), four states, and 62 rooms. Virginia is now our home, and has been for more than two years. And with the exception of a couple of closets (and that tough to reach spot at the top of the staircase), every. single. room. is finally painted. It's a relief to feel settled in a home, putting our roots down and being invested in this place. 

With the painting projects coming to a close, I thought I would share with you a few of the more recently painted rooms. Some tidbits, really. I've posted some of our rooms on the blog before (have a peak at the nursery, the bunk room, the school room and the living room if you like), but there are many spaces I have never photographed or shared. So, here is a mini tour of some freshly painted places around here. Enjoy!
The moody master is one of my personal favorites.  'Cause, duh, it's our room!

I painted our little master bathroom a soft white to contrast with the dark bedroom and it works really well for us. 

This used to be the shared girls' room, but is now the guest room. Since the girls aren't in here anymore, it will probably change at some point, but not anytime soon. 

The kiddos still use this space as a play room when we don't have house guests. 

The laundry room and mud room are the most recent spaces to get painted. 

This is a view of the dark teal walls and the buffet in our kitchen.

And here's the sunroom. It is mostly windows, but I did paint the tiny part above the windows. So, it still counts as one of the 63. 

Now that the painting is finished, we are turning our focus outdoors. The mister is in full-blown treehouse-making mode, the girls are burying junk in the yard and map-making like the crazy shorty-pirates they are, while I desperately need to find a solid patch of sunlight in which to grow some veggies. Or maybe I'll be a glutton for punishment and just start on those closets. See ya on the flip side, folks!


  1. I LOVE it!!! I love painting!! I think it is the single thing to add the most 'punch' at the lowest cost! Even with good quality paint (I'm a paint & paintbrush snob, perhaps) it really is a cheap option that can change a rooms entire attitude! Your taste is awesome!!

    1. I totally agree! We paint snobs must stick together.

  2. Your house is perfection!!!!!

    1. I have been truly impressed with your new home, little lady! Miss you, Carol!

  3. Life looks so much more fun than it did in the 80's. Love your style.