Saturday, April 2

A Sea Poem

The sea swells large in laid out waves,
It draws the feet too close.
Each swell and splash procure a laugh
And claps the crinkled toe. 

Quickly running, quickly leaping
Away from the pulling tides.
The youth who knows the simple truth,
The secret the soft sea hides.

Can England truly lie so far
My eyes it cannot reach?
And this smooth shell across the swell
Has landed on my beach?

Sand grabs my skin and teases me
With tricks and flicks my cheek.
I brush it off and it does scoff.
Hope for release is bleak.

The sand and sea mix thoroughly.
Fantasy mingles, too.
Creation of castles on sandy grass hills
And moats with waters so blue.

Hearts contented with hands to hold
Spur love between you and me.
We both are here and have no fear
In this sweet reverie.

Aged hands guide first delights
With knowing trepidity.
For all things teach and all things grow
The minds of babes continuously.

Hello. Goodbye. The sea replies
In time with each heartbeat.
It holds our gaze, sure to amaze.
To leave is bittersweet.

Through the years the sea brings tears
Some sorrowing, some bright.
Trust is earned, for the sun does burn
Our memories stronghold tight.

Thank you sea, your waves and breeze
Wrap our souls with love
From God, the one who made you blow
Swift down from heaven above.


  1. This is fantastic. I love it.

  2. amazing. I am very proud of you. I loved the poem and that
    you and Beka had a great time together. I always enjoy pictures
    of the girls having fun.