Friday, February 12

Addy Turns SEVEN

What can I even say about this kid? Adelaide Rose Hickok is seven-years-old, full of belly laughs and curiosity. She loves to make everyone bust a gut, and hates, HATES to be surprised. She will punch you should you foolishly decide to jump out from behind a door in a dark room and yell "Hi-Yah!" I know. I have tested this many times. 

During her sixth year of life, Addy conquered reading, sucking her finger at night, and riding her bike with no handlebars ... no handlebars. As a seven-year-old, she intends to learn how to design cards in Photoshop like a boss, and put together the "Daddy-sized" Lego sets on her own.

Nostalgia aside, she turned seven in a grand way a couple weeks back, and we couldn't be prouder. After taking her sweet time deciding on a theme for her annual birthday shindig, Addy finally announced that she had narrowed it down between two themes: an Art Party or a Princess Party. I may have nudged her in one direction, or rather away from one direction. 


There was plenty of Artsy Partsy food, of course.

As well as Artsy Partsy Crafts. Our first activity involved the kids painting their own canvas cookies. The edible watercolor paint was just a combination of lemon or vanilla extract (depending on the color) and some food coloring. It made for some really lovely and fragrant paintings.

After contemplating on the perfect subject to paint on her cookie, she boldly decided to go...

... abstract! Behold! Art at its tastiest!

Next, we herded the Artsy Partsy people into the school room for some string art. The mister had cut and sanded some wood squares for each kid. He pre-nailed them with basic shapes in mind, so all the kids had to do was choose their string and start winding. 

Finally, the surprise activity! We filled some water balloons with paint and attached them to a canvas. It was hung out back and we let the kids try to pop the balloons with a BB gun! So much fun!

Cake! The perfect end to an Artsy Partsy fit for our girl. 

Happy Birthday Addy Rose. Much love to you, little lady. 
May you go forth this year and grow in height, strength, love, kindness and good cheer.  


  1. Grandpa DougFebruary 12, 2016

    I love your birthday party theme Addy

  2. What a lovely Artsy Partsy party. Your photography and subjects are poetry! Kudos to the Mister and Art Director/Misses/Mum for orchestrating these darling activities.

    1. Thanks so much. It really is fun doing this kind of stuff with the girls and for them. I think everything we do teaches, making little sandwiches or brainstorming for party activities.