Wednesday, December 2

Happy Advent!

The gray weather was starting to bring down my soul. I have doubled my coffee consumption, and still the sunshine refuses to break through. Yesterday, realizing it was December 1st (Wha!?), I jumped in and decided to brighten up the dinning room and my soul with a fun advent project I saw here

"Momma, remember that time you wrapped all those tiny gifts and we got to open one every night until Christmas?"


Adelaide, the crafting queen, wielded her ever-lovin' X-acto knife and glue gun like her title suggests: with a great deal of overconfidence and unmatched prowess. 

"Really, you don't remember? We read verses from the Bible, and you wrapped up funny things like tissues and nail clippers."

"I don't recall. Maybe that was another momma you're thinking of."

With all her skin cells still intact, the kid glued till the glue rods where no more.

"I think you remember and you are just pretending, right?"

"Bean, does that even sound like me? I'll tell you what it does sound like: a whole lotta work."

Within minutes of the advent village being completed, it was turned into a Lego village with a bakery, pet shop, and salon ta boot!

"Momma! Please, please, Pleeeeeeeeease, can we do that again. We didn't do it last year cause you were pregnant, and the year before that because we were moving. Remember?!"

"Lily, I don't remember yesterday, so...that's a big N-O."

A quick google search, and the print button gave us a Scripture schedule to follow. I plopped it in a frame and smiled at my own cunning. Nailed it! 

Literally, I put a nail in the wall and never looked back.

"Addy! You remember it, right? There was a big jar, and tiny little packages."

"I don't remember that, Lily, but I think it sounds really nice."

Eye roll.

Today, after reading our verses from Isaiah, I let Addy pick out the first house. I had already wrapped little sweets to put under each house. The girls divided up the goods, savoring every bit. 

"Momma, it's ok if you don't do the advent calendar this year. I just like to think about it sometimes. It's a really nice memory to think about."

"Your guilt-skilz are improving every day."

I added the copper wire string lights for a little more festivity. Viola! An Advent Village Calendar Thing. 

I guess making memories for the kids is worth it. I particularly look forward to the memory of our two year old secretly decimating a large portion of our little Christmas village. Seriously, there is no way this is gonna last till December 25th. Oh the tears! Oh the laughter! I think that will be a pretty awesome memory. Wish us luck!


  1. The loveliest I ever saw! (Heart eye emoji inserted here)

  2. I absolutely loved reading this : )

  3. I am always entertained by your blog, it's the best. It also brings me a little closer to you and your girls (Steven too). Thanks for sharing your memory makers. Love Aunt Sandra

    1. Wish I could make it up there this Christmas to see you and Grandma. Glad I was able to come out this summer. That was a really special time. Love you!

  4. So beautiful and cheery!! I love it.