Monday, November 23

Pretty Much, Lily

Life, the Universe and Everything has been pushing us along this fall. Anyone else with me on this? One mister, four minies, one gramma-momma, and me all colliding continuously. Pretty much a fast ride to crazy town. Or rather, a splendid trip through puddle jumps, ripped jeans, plastered walls, molasses cookies, gluey fingers, coffee with our coffee, book reports, paintings of fruit people, tipped-toed nap times, no mascara days, and snugs. 

How's your fall been? Pretty much the same, I bet. Marvelous, isn't it?

Lately, I have been particularly struck with one of our tribe. Lily, my book lover, has been evolving leaps and bounds and the mister and I can barely keep up with the transformation.

She is my biggest mini and is determined to keep growing, something we have greatly discouraged. You can't tell this generation anything. Not a single lovin' thing. Regardless, we tend to like her immensely and without restraint. She's a barefoot trottin', potpie lovin', story spoutin' fireball with enough feelings to fuel a small planet. So...she's eight, pretty much.

Her interests range from ninjas to baking killer muffins. 

She can find Waldo, write epic jokes in perfect cursive, and draw a full map of Africa freehand. And I can take credit for precisely none of those things. Figures. 

Momma, can you teach me how to bake something new today?
Momma, did you know there is such a thing as a barkless dog?!
Momma, can I take horseback riding lessons?
Momma, did you check on me while I was sleeping?
Momma, was Wild Bill Hickok part of the Pony Express?
Momma, can you be on my bed tonight?

Pretty proud of this one. 
Proud, thankful, humbled, shocked. 
Also, holding on for dear life. 


  1. She is growing leap and bound with an intuitive mind. She taken after her Mom.

  2. She is so beautiful just like her mama it's so fun to see your kids grow up even if I have to watch them do it on your blog miss y'all

    1. And your's too! I cannot believe how your littles are, too!

  3. She is precious. So much of her reminds me of my eldest...who also continues to grow. Sweet post, Lyd.

    1. Right? Stephen won't even look at the last pic of Lily. Says it freaks him out how old she looks.