Thursday, June 18

Mom & Daughter Date

Mom and I headed down to Petersburg this morning to a new little donut shop that opened last November. It's called Buttermilk Bakery, and it is AMAZING! If I were a nifty food blogger (or an all-around stellar person) I would have snapped some shots of the goods. But, when fresh cinnamon rolls (for the littles) and warm jalapeno cheddar scones (for the mommas) were placed on our table, it's all I could do just to breath between mouthfuls, let alone take a picture. So an empty plate is all you get!

 Petersburg is close to Ft. Lee were the Mister is working these days. It's a strange place, filled with tons of Civil War history, quirky antique shops, schnazzy eateries, and crazy gangs. Yep, I've been told it's all criminy-crime-crime up in here. This is serious, people. In retaliation, little shops and novelty places are popping up near the historic district, trying to take back the little town, dusty oven mitt a-swingin. 
Still, it's a great place for an afternoon stroll in the blistering heat, just as long as you keep to well-lit sidewalks and places that smell like shuga, Shuga.
I would check this off as a pretty successful mom & daughter date. The grandkids got the benefit of being along for the sweet ride.

After donuts, we walked a block to Demolition Coffee. Hands down, the best Americano I have ever had. Mom's Chi looked and smelled fabulous as she tried to keep Magnolia's eager lips away (a little coffee snob in the making). Again, we gulped it down. With a four month old and three other kids in tow, I didn't gingerly sip, I swished and swallowed. And then I laughed as we loaded them all back into the minivan. Nap time beckoned us home again.
Someday, there will be plenty of time to stop and lazily smell the roses, and I'll probably sip coffee while I do it. For now, guzzle-and-go suits me just fine.


  1. AnonymousJune 18, 2015

    You could have invited your husband.

    1. Not so anonymous, Anonymous. And, I did call...

  2. What a fun day you all had.Looked like everbody had a good time. Lydia
    you amazed Dad what you can do. Never stop whatever you are doing.

    1. Thanks Dad, you are kind to say so.

  3. Love this...PS Washington misses you. ;-)