Tuesday, May 12

The Great Eight NINJA Party

Hi-ya everybody.

Lesson One: A true ninja master must demonstrate flexibility and balance, especially when laser wire will sever limbs instantly.

Lesson Two: Ninja laser barriers are no match for Binky-Blanket-Blast-Attacks!

Lesson Three: Sensei Says is a centuries old tradition. One must practice daily to achieve the highest level of skill.

(Sensei Masters are normally unrecognizable in their civilian attire.)

Lesson Four: Speed trumps stealth never ... except in Red Light, Green Light. 

Lesson Five: Sometimes ninja apparel isn't all it's wrapped up to be.

Lesson Six: The deadliest of all combo attacks is the infamous Toe-Heel Kick (Heel-ium, that is). Also, really bad jokes are equally deadly. 

Lesson Seven: Speedy chopstick skills never hurt a ninja, either.  

Lesson Eight: Appearances can be deceiving. Not all sushi are created equal.

Lesson Nine: Never tremble at the sight of many armed enemies ...

... rather, laugh in the face of danger. It is much more fun that way.

(gratuitous cute kids photo)

Lesson 10: Sometimes a good scream is enough to frighten even the most adept warrior.

Final lesson: It is best never to take oneself too seriously. 
Hi-Yah Birthday, my little grasshopper. 


  1. This is the best! I love it all and I can't believe how quickly you've put it together! Great job!

  2. You guys are awesome! What a great party. Love those ninja cupcakes and the expression on the civilian sensei master's face. :-)

    P.S. More cute baby pics NEEDED!