Thursday, February 5

Adelaide's 6th Birthday: A Doll's Tea Party

Happy Birthday to our sweet Addy Rose! She turned six last week in a grand way. We threw her an elegant tea party to celebrate. 

Earlier in the week, Addy and Lily helped make some fun tea party headbands for all the little party-goers to wear. I used this tutorial and scrounged up most of the supplies from our own craft drawers. 

Lily wanted her headpiece to be less girly and more "nature-y," so she left off the pom-poms and added more feathers and leaves. I barely convinced her to let me put a tiny bit of tulle on it. 

I have several little doll tea sets that we placed on the table for the girls to use to serve their dollies. 

Magnolia helped out in the balloon department. 

Sweet Rachel, one of Addy's younger friends, kept up with the big girls rather well!

Our crafts consisted of making little party hats for all the doll babies, and then created matching bracelets for the dolls and the little girls. Every sweetie had their name on the table and a spot to work from. We did this craft part in the school room. 

Dear Hayley making her bracelets. 

Clara is a lovely friend from CC and from church. Gah! The cuteness!

The girls passed around a couple jars of chocolates and tried to guess how many were in each jar. There is some serious thinking going on here. 

While the girls and I were at CC in the morning, the mister made this fun "Pin the Dress-up on the Donkey." Each girl was blindfolded and got to try and add a different accessory to this delightful donkey. Yes, those hoofs are painted pink.

Eatin' Time!

Followed swiftly by cake and presents. 

Happy day all around. I adore this girly-girl so much. Happy Birthday, Addy Rose!

PS. The life-saver of the day was a sweet young lady from our fellowship group, Erin. She came over to help me out with keeping things going and taking pictures. She totally saved my bacon with all the beautiful pictures she took. Thank you, Erin!

PSS. Now, if this new little lady in my belly would make her birthday known, I would be one thrilled momma! We are going on a week passed due!


  1. Beautiful little ladies! I can't believe you accomplished all of this while being over due, they are lucky to have such a talented mom and dad! Love your cleaver ideas.

  2. Oh all so lovely!!!!!!!!! To have a girl,... And I am praying baby comes soon!!!!!!

  3. Addy's face guessing chocolates .... totally Stephen!

  4. I'm just now seeing this! It was such a beautiful, girly party. So perfect! It was an honor to be invited. And the dainty donkey was too much. ;)