Monday, August 4

Still Catching up! Happy Fourth Everyone!

God Bless America! Happy Fourth of August everyone! That's a thing, right? 

Either Virginia has some pretty random extra holidays, or (once again) I am playing the Lame-O card and posting a month late.  Lame-O card it is. But after this, I may actually be caught up on the biggies. Hooray!

We celebrated our Fourth of with a couple of "Hickok firsts." 

This year the girls and I walked in our very first parade! It was definitely a highlight of the summer.

A dear couple from our church walks the Brandermill Parade every year, passing out bouncy balls, and carrying this sweet sign. Some of the kids also had some doggy biscuits for all the hungry pups along the route. 

What a treat! Instead of being one of the kiddos with bags collecting a ton of candy and stuff (all the while fighting the "Mine! Mine!" attitude), the girls had the BEST time putting the balls in all the other kids' bags and feeding puppies. I would absolutely do this again!

The parade route ended at Sunday Park, where we were treated to free hot dogs and drinks, listened to a hilarious local band, and dipped our tootsies in the water on the beach.

Magnolia was a real trooper in her stroller, giving out free smiles and waves! Although, she didn't seem to reserve any for her momma's camera. That cheeky girl!

Later that night we headed to the fair grounds to catch some fireworks (another first). 

Normally, we are homebodies on the 4th, but this time we ventured out with the crowds to celebrate our first Virginian Fourth! The ending verdict was mixed. We showed up way to early, and paid for it when it was time to leave. Also, fair food is not my cuppa tea, folks. Maybe a little bit more planning (i.e. a lovely picnic spread and showing up a half hour before the show).

My little flower child! Lily passed the time playing soccer with Addy (or on her lonesome), and making flower chains with momma.

The kids were done, kapootsy, at the end of the night, but they made some totally amazing memories. Like the memory of waiting in our parking spot for over an hour, just to pull out into the crazy traffic! 

Next up, Happy Thanksgiving in January!


  1. Slow down, slow down the girls are growing up to fast but I love to see them enjoying life and the Lord. Lydia you have done a great raising three wonderful girls. May God continue blessing your family. Love you all. Dad.

  2. So fun! We are still in the homebody phase :) years ago Joe and I drove slow as snails to get out of the parking Garage at LA Boardwalk, a 4th to remember for sure! Love the pics.

    1. Haha! Yes! I think the 2 hour drive home (only about five miles from my house) will forever be ingrained in my memory!

  3. Magnolia-love those eyes! Look at your beautiful family growing!!