Tuesday, June 17

Our Day Trip to Virginia Beach

Since the mister is at the Pacific Ocean for a couple of weeks (thank you videography course for the Navy!), we decided to see our own waves here on the eastern side of the country. Virginia Beach is only about two hours from our place. We packed up the girls, and started on our own little aquatic adventure. 

It has been a few years since our little ladies have seen an ocean, and I wasn't quite sure how they would react. Well, all three girls warmed up to the foamy waves and sticky sand pretty quickly. 

When Mags wasn't sitting here all sweet and salty, she would quietly sneak past all of us and head straight for the water. She's a sly one, that girl.

"Mamma" with her best bud.

That awkward moment when you have to ask someone at a beach (read: scantily clad stranger who is way to proud of his own bod) to take a photo for you. 
I love this picture, and I think it is so sweet that I have a nice three generation photo! But what will always and forever be seared into my brain whenever I look at this shot is the image of the enormous,  red, furry old man taking the photo for us. Enormous. And so, so furry.

It was a delightful little day trip. I felt a little closer to my mister, even though we were technically farther apart. Only a few more days, till we can all be back together again. Woot! Woot!


  1. My my what big teethies Mags has :)

    1. yes! And did you see the hilarious video Stephen did in SanDiego? Follow the link at the top! Too funny!

  2. hahaha... that's my brother.