Tuesday, May 20

A Totally Awesome Visit with our Besties

I am waaaaayyy behind in updating the blog. But, that just means life has kicked it up a notch, and we are busy busy with all sorts of wonderful lifey things. 

This is my attempt to catch up on some of the happenings around here. So, rewind about a month ago. We headed to Knoxville, Tennessee to hang with some of our dearest friends. The seven hour drive there was so worth the four days of chillin, laughing till your face hurts, commenting for the hundredth time how big the kids are, and digging up old inside jokes that have stood the test of time. 

Beth and Bill (or Miz Beth and Billdaddy to my littles), have been our dearest friends since before we had kids. Somehow our lives have taken both our families from Wisconsin, to Washington, and now back down here in the South. 

Let the photo dump commence:

We spent one morning at the local Knoxville Zoo. 

Addy and Ella do their best statue impressions.

Jack loving the carousel.

And this happened. Billdaddy apparently likes a warm forehead. 

The kiddos pretending to be ferocious animals. 

Bill and the boys on the ride back to the cars.

The next day was Easter Sunday. We all got gussied up and spent the morning at Beth's church. 

Of course, we had an egg hunt (if only so that the parents could snag some swag when the kids weren't looking).

Check out the loot!

Caught in the act!

How is it that this, THIS, is the only picture of Beth and me together?!?! Haha! It actually captures us rather well. 

My sweet momma enjoying some candy, too, of course!

Crrrraazy Ella! 

What a blast we had! A big thanks to the Lewises for having us out! We love you guys! Come out to Virginia real soon!


  1. Great Pictures Love Dad

  2. I am so glad you put in that pic of us together. It wouldn't have been nearly as awesome if you had just left that one out. My nostril makes the whole post.