Monday, March 24

Mags Turns ONE!

If there was any doubt this child is a Hickok (and there never really was, I just want to make a point), her first face-off with chocolate cake confirmed her lineage. The girl can pack it away. She comes by her cake-lovin honestly, her momma a chocolate lover, and her pops a cake addict: the kid never stood a chance.

Grams and Mags gave the cake one final inspection. 

Cake and presents complete: Check! Let's get this party started!

Oh man, this is about to get AWESOME!

I like it. I think I really like it. 

Hold up. Get your own slice, Pops.

Cake makes me CRAAAAAZY!

Just kidding. I'm ok, now. Please give me more cake.

GIANT ZOMBIE BABY! My eyes are open, but my head is asleep. 

Love my Magnolia. Her first year here brought us more laughter than tears, more thrills than heart attacks, and more love than we thought our hearts could hold. Here's to many more birthdays, Lady Love. 


  1. GrandPa DougMarch 24, 2014

    Did she actually get any in her mouth? Love it Love it Good job Maggy

  2. I love it!!! Esp that crazy picture ;) I am so so excited for this with Callen. That is always my favorite thing is the 1 year old first cake tasting ;)