Wednesday, December 4

Hello from Indiana!

 Thought you might like to see our attempt at a sweet, calm family photo. 

Inside thoughts: "Stop goofing, girls!

Through gritting teeth, "Alright, seriously, settle down and I mean it!"

"I give up. Guess I'll join em."

Ok, so maybe skip the crazy kiddos and just take a picture with the baby. People love baby shots, am I right?

Side Note: Am I crazy, or does my mister get more handsome every year? I have much to be thankful for this year, not just becouse I am married to a stud. But seriously, those dimples are killing me!

I think we will have to pause and readdress the whole family photo thing at a later date.

Another Note: It has been an insane couple of months, my friends. Insane in a good, hold-on-to-your-hats-and-just-keep-steppin kinda way. I know some of my pals have been asking for updates on everything going on. Here is the basic run down:

The mister is in VA searching for a house. The Lord led him to a great church family (this was the number one priority), so now we can start looking for a home somewhere between church and work. So far, he has seen several homes that might fit our family. 

Mom and I are in Indiana visiting friends and family, and staying at my in-law's home throughout the holidays (thank you again, Bob and Jere). It has been a wonderful time catching up with everyone here in the Midwest. The girls had their first snow fall a couple weeks ago and have been praying for more ever since. We've had some valuable and much needed cousin-time and will continue to make awesome memories here.

I get discouraged sometimes being away from my best friend. But, I see the Lord's hand in it all and am so excited about moving to Virginia. 

Virginia. That has got to be the prettiest sounding state in the union. I like saying it out loud with a strong Southern accent. House number four, get ready! I am dying to paint a room, rip out some walls, and hang a chair or two.

Much love to you all! 


  1. Cute Pictures. Hope to see you all soon.

  2. Always love the chance to see what's going on in your life.
    Your family pics look exactly like ours...only we tried four - FOUR - 4!!! - separate times until I finally just threw in the towel and decided we'll wait till baby girl joins us for a Winter Pic instead of a Christmas Pic. Please have better luck than us.
    Yes! I LOVE baby more! She's adorable.
    And yes, I will absolutely agree that your Stephen is looking more distinguished and handsome with each year. The gotee helps it! I think men in general get better looking as they man is ;o)
    Happy for you about Virginia. You will love it, I know. Stay out there long enough so when I visit my sister next, I can stop and see you too!
    Much love and Merry early Christmas sweet Friend ;o)

    1. I can't believe you are about to have another sweet baby! I have been thinking about you and your family. If you even think about coming this way and not visiting we are gonna have some serious words, girl. I would LOVE to see you and meet your kin!
      Merry Christmas to you, Deb!

  3. FYI......I couldn't tell which was Lily and which was Addie until picture number two! Lily has grown up SO STINKING MUCH!! Also, could you email me an address of where you will be for the holidays? Love you dear friend!

  4. This is great...those pics are keepers for sure! Miss y'all

  5. Wonderful hearing about your life. Of on course we miss you all in Washington. :-) Please send me your new address when you get settled.

  6. That shot of Dad and the Mags is just plain awesome. I want a print. Framed. I mean it.

    1. Just saw this comment, brother. Will do! :o) Email me your address perry please!