Wednesday, August 21

First Day of School at the Hickok House

Here we go, round two of our homeschooling adventure. We added another little learner: Addy started kindergarten! 

The Homeschool/LEGO Room finally completed. This room made it FEEL like school today! 

I snapped a shot of Addy peaking during prayer.

Now you can see the LEGO Bonanza behind the girls. This is the Mister's amazing organization system. Makes for happy building!

Maggy didn't know it was the first day of school, otherwise she would have put on some pants.

And here is the BEST Kindergarten/First Grade teacher EVER! I should know, she was my first grade teacher (and my college advisor: I had her guidance at both ends of the educational spectrum). Mom is tackling Bible, reading, writing, and math. I am teaching our Classical Conversations curriculum which includes all sorts of fun stuff like, geography, history, Latin, fine arts, science, etc. 

So glad to be jumping back into school. I think we all needed a little bit of structure back in our days!


  1. AWE!!!!! I miss you guys so much!!! Phoebe is stoked about Pre-School this year!! I received a letter from her teacher and has been not only carrying it around with her but also has had it under her pillow at night. Crazy kids!

    1. Crazy the girls are all in school now! Well, except Maggy. But CRAZY!!!! Let's have a pumpkin spice latte at my house next week, shall we? That wouldn't be asking too much, would it?

      Miss you, dear friend. I love seeing all the stuff you have been working on this summer (look at you all Canning McCannerson!). Love you!

  2. Grandpa DougAugust 21, 2013

    Study hard Girls. Grandpa Doug