Wednesday, July 10

Hickok Ladies: Yes, We Are Alive!

Life did it again. Months have past while the daily things have kept my head and hands busy. We have been working steadily on the new house: painting, tearing down walls, putting up new ones, painting, sanding, removing wallpaper, arranging furniture, rearranging furniture, and painting. Oh, and we painted, too. So, after painting the school room this morning and picking plaster out of my hair, I committed to snapping some photos of the kids to share with you.

 Maggy is already almost four months old, rolling over, smiling, laughing, kicking and gurgling. The girl has some mad skilz. And I'm thinking that bald little melon is rather shapely. Proud momma, what can I say? 

Lily wanted to show off her stellar dance moves. This one is called "The Muscle Man." 

And this one is "The Kissing Monkey."

Addy, the real monkey in our family, wanted her photos taken on the swing. 

Since I am not great at snapping photos of moving objects (see above), we made a short video of Addy on the new swing the mister made for the girls.


There you have it! My girls in all their glory. 


  1. It is always great to see pictures of the girls. Maggy is sure growing up.
    Here are some xoxoxoxoxoxoxo for the girls from Grandpa Doug. Love you Lydia and your family. Dad

  2. So precious! Awesome swing, Steve! Unbelievably good to hear your voice, Lyd! :-)

    1. I like watching your vids of the little grandson and hearing you chatter away with him. Miss you, friend!

  3. So precious! Awesome swing, Steve! Unbelievably good to hear your voice, Lyd! :-)

  4. AnonymousJuly 10, 2013

    Sweet fam. Love your new place...looks perfect. :) I just realized we both have a Maggie and an Addy...great minds. :) ~ Shera

    1. I totally forgot that! I saw a recent pic of your sweet kiddos recently on FB. You have such a lovely family, Shera. We must stop talking about going to Canton and actually do it!!!!