Friday, July 12

A funny thing happened the other day. I was sitting in the kitchen chatting with Magzers, when, out of the blue, she looks up at me and says, 

"Please, please tell me about the coral hutch again. "

Huh. That is definitely my kid. 

"Sure, sweetie pie. But this is the last time."

The following story ensued...

Once, not long ago, your parents bought a house. A very big house. A very big beige house. Your mommy and daddy loved the sweet little home, but despised the creamy flesh color oozing from every wall. Did they shriek at the thought of tackling all that blah? No ma'am! Inch by inch, and very quietly, they began attacking the banal buff gloom that had long stifled the home's girlish glow. 

"Oh, you're getting to the good part. Keep going, momma!"

"Snookums, please don't interrupt, that's rude. As I was saying..."

In the battle of the biscuit, your brave parents wielded the most powerful weapons this little home had ever seen, Purdy Brushes. Were they timid in their color choice? Did they cower to the wimpy hues that had gone before them?

"Well? Did they, momma? DID THEY?"

"No, my darling. Never!"

With stealth you can only imagine, your parents slashed through the blah and sprinkled happy little rainbows throughout the house. In doing, they turned that nasty nebbish hutch, into the coral cat's meow!

The End.

"That. Was. Awesome. 
Oh momma, can you also tell me the story about how you sprinkled all the furry beige bunnies with happy little rainbows, too?"

"That, my sweet, is a story for another day."

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