Wednesday, May 15

All Right Already!

Well, my friends, I am going to finally talk about what I haven't talked about, but you all keep asking me to talk about.

The sad news: We sold our beloved home in Washington.

The great news: We bought a home in Louisiana!

I've been avoiding writing this mostly because it makes me sad to be closing a chapter of our lives that was so dear to us (oh, and the whole newborn with two other littles running around takes a wee bit of my time. And, sleep, did I mention I like to sleep when I have a couple seconds to myself? But, mostly the first reason). When we first moved to Louisiana we were hoping and praying the Lord would eventually bring us back up to Washington after a year. The mister applied for several GS positions up there, but the Lord didn't make it happen. And with the arrival of Magnolia, we knew we couldn't stay in limbo in this small apartment too much longer (here is my shout out to Bekah W. You are my hero, girl!).

So, my sweet mother, and some dear friends worked together to get the house in Washington ready to sell. We had been praying for over a year that, if we ended up selling our home, it would sell quickly and we would be able to find one down here quickly also. Well, the Lord was overly gracious. We put our house on the market and had two full price offers in one day! Woot!

We signed the selling contract the same day Magnolia was born (that was one crazy day, let me tell ya!).

Two weeks later, we were looking for our new home, one that would work for my mother as well as us.

Bada-bing! We closed on our new house last Monday! It is a lovely home in South Shreveport in a fantazzzzztic neighborhood. It has 5 bedrooms and 3.5 baths, plenty big for our family of six (none in the oven (are you crazy! I just had a newborn!), we're including the mommerz for those counting in your head). We are so thankful for the Lord's clear direction in leading us to this new home. It is awesome! We just can't wait to get my momma down here so we can all be together again!

Yesterday, a dear friend from WA sent me a frenzied email asking loads of questions. Hers wasn't the only one I have received after posting a picture of my girls in our new backyard. I thought I would post her questions and my responses to help with all the inquiries.

     Did you guys get a new place? Yes, just moved in last Thursday night. It happened so quickly, we have hardly had time to think! God gave us the perfect place for our family.

     Is it in LA? Does it seem like you will be staying there a little longer? Yep, in LA. We tried for months or so to get a position elsewhere close to family and friends (mainly in CO or WA). We were rather hopeful for a position in Bremerton for a while (Stephen even had a couple interviews), but it didn't happen. Since our family grew, and renting is much more expensive than buying here, we new we would have to go ahead and sell our house there to buy a place here. That, of course, meant mom would either move to a new place up there or come down. And the only logical thing to do was have her join us. We prayed so long about the timing of everything with her job and selling the house and finding one here quickly. God amazed us once again! Sold our home there in one day and provided a new home for us here in one week. Can't praise Him enough for making the transition as stress free as it could have been with a newborn. Love Him for that!

     Is your Mum moving there after school ends? If she going to try teaching there, or enjoy retirement? Yes, she is moving here in June after school is out. I have been searching for jobs for her. There are some teaching positions here, but the commute would be half an hourish. Also, there are several librarian positions in our area we have been thinking about as well. For my part, I am hoping for a part-time librarian position (she was a librarian in her twenties and rather enjoyed it). That would give her more time home with me and the girls. But we are leaving that all in the Lord's hands. Pray for us that the Lord would give her just the right job.

     How are you doing adjusting to three little girlies? It's a whirl-wind, isn't it? Three girls is about the most wonderful thing in the world. Maggy is sleeping like a dream and is my easiest baby by far. She makes my heart leap for joy every time I pick her up. Thankful to God for answering my prayers (and many others' also) for an easy baby during this time of upheaval. 

     Do you have any plans to come out this way? I heard Steve is coming to help your Mum move, but didn't know if you might join him (because that would be easy with a little one in tow). I wish I could. Yes, the newborn thing kind of makes traveling a little tricky. Stephen will not be flying out of LA, he will actually be in San Diego for his Reserves weekend and so his plane ticket was only a hundred bucks! To fly out from here is minimum of 500 dollars. And, should I bring the girls with me, that would make for quite a budget-busting trip. 

     I get a little weepy when I think of not living in WA, since that was MY plan since the day the mister first drove me over those mountains ( I swear I heard angels singing). It has been more than a year and I still think of Marysville as my home, like we are just on a long deployment. I am not sure when that will end, but this new house will help. God is good, in all these things. I am constantly reminded of the great blessing we received from mingling our lives with you all up there. God used so many of our friends in Washington to help shape us into stronger Christians for Him. And He is using the folks here to continue to grow us in Louisiana. We love our new church family and they are a huge source of encouragement to us. We even found some sweet friends who love playing our wonky games!

Well, there's the basic rundown. Hope that helps clear some things up. Probably the best thing we have learned is to trust in God's providence and be content and joyful in EVERYTHING (still working on that one, and will be for a long while, I'm sure). Did I mention I LOVE my new house?

Sending my love out to you all.

PS. Here is a picture of my cute baby. Cause everyone needs a little sunshine in their day.


  1. Thanks for both your reply to me AND a blog post :) That is grand! Now, some pictures, please...? Love you friend! So thankful for you - you are a testimony to me of God's grace and abounding joy in many circumstances, even when I know sometimes it has truly been a fight to have that joy.

  2. LOVE YOU! Thanks for sharing your heart, as always!

  3. happy, sad, happy, sad, happy, sad....oh, did i already say that?

  4. We should all take a summer road trip and visit you!!! As usual, you encourage me by your trust in the Lord - that He indeed does all things well:) Sigh. I do so miss you though.

  5. AnonymousMay 15, 2013

    I guess that I need to start saving my pennies, so I can come down for a visit! I REALLY need your Skype info, or you need to get an IPhone or newer IPad, that way we could just Facetime each other anytime we want. All that to say, I miss you terribly, I am going to miss your mama's laugh, I miss Steve's corny jokes, I miss picking flowers with Lily, I miss helping Addy get her boots on, and I miss you terribly! I already have $.02 saved up! I only need $399.98 more! WAHOO!! Glad that the transition in finding a house went smoothly. Looking forward to see pictures!
    Love you dear friend!