Friday, April 12

The Azalea Gardens with Grandma

There are two things that can remedy a sleep deprived, zombie-faced momma of a three week old: Homemade German Chocolate Cake, and a visiting grandma who never tires of holding the wee bairn. Check and check. 

Last week I had moments when I could barely bring coffee to my lips. But, with the arrival of my mother-in-law, the tides turned. I was little spoiled all week. Grandma came to rescue me and she even brought an extra helper with her. 

After some rest at home, we finally ventured out on a little trip to the Norton Art Gallery. They are famous here in Shreveport for the walking gardens surrounding the museum. I had never been before, so it was a treat for all of us!

My girls never miss an opportunity to collect flower petals. If anyone needs a flower girl last minute, mine are all practiced up!

This is my lovely niece, Joscelin. She was a fun addition to our house of ladies. 

My girl has whimsy down!

Magnolia was so cozy in her sling, a quiet little angel.
"I'll just take this sweet thing out for a little sunshine in these serene surroundings."

Smooth move, momma bear. Smooth.

It was a wonderful week. We are thankful to the Lord for providing care in time of need. We didn't know how much we needed the help until we had it. Thanks Grandma H. for all your help and for making the cake! Everything seems sunnier when you have cake. 


  1. It looks so lovely & refreshing! So glad you had a reprieve just when you needed it.

  2. Magnolia's binky looks like it's a MAM brand. Is it? O'Ryan is ADDICTED to his, and won't take any other brand :D Glad you guys are doing better. God bless you all! Say hi to Gerri (sp?) for me. I hope I remembered her name right :(

  3. Tell Grandma Hickok thank you for rescuing you and giving the rest you needed and for your cake. The girls look great. Just think one has a birthday coming up soon. I am glad you all are doing okay. God bless Love Dad

  4. Lily always seems to have a whimsical look in her shots! BEAUTIFUL!!!!