Tuesday, January 29

The Party Post, Decorations

What can I say? I love parties. Love them. I love planning for weeks ahead (this is the only area of my life where I would call myself a "planner"), scouting out craft stores for good steals, and making things in secret when the girls are in bed. I consider throwing a party for my girls to be their one big gift. 
This year, Adelaide was all over the map as far as what kind of party she wanted. We went from a painting party, to a princess party, to a copy-cat version of Lily's Rainbow Party, and finally we landed on Woodland Fairies. 

Here is my ONE little confession: She really wanted a Tinkerbell party, but I sneakily brainwashed over the last several weeks. Through a series of photos on Pinterest and library books to veer her more towards butterflies and little woodland fairies, her subconscious mind was putty in my masterful hands. What? Cartoons are not my thing. And, if I am gonna throw a party, I sure would like to enjoy the theme!

The Food Table! This was probably my favorite part: Food! Picking out all kinds of yummy "woodland" treats to serve. We had a fairy veggie garden, ants on a log, snail wraps, cheese and tomato toadstools, magic fruity fair wands, chocolaty baby bird nests, and some fairy berry juice! Oh, and some "fairy fuel" in the coffee maker for the momma fairies, too! 

Oh boy, the cake. I loved the cake. I loved making it. I loved creating the little decorations to go on top of it. I loved eating it. Especially eating it. 

The toppers were made from a pack of stickers. I just used the thin cardboard that came with the pack, stuck those bad boys on, cut them out, and hot glued them to toothpicks or wooden skewers. 

The Party Scene

We started the party off with a fairy paper doll coloring contest. I found a great little template here. Warning: It took me two hours to cut them all out, punch holes, and attach the brads. I didn't forsee that project taking so long. Oy!

The mister made this little fairy out of washi tape on our wall. We played "Pin the Wings on the Fairy." X marks the spot!

Some magic shrooms. Oh yeah. 

Each gift bag had a tiny wooden fairy home (bird house) for the little girls to take home and paint. They were only a buck at Michael's! 

There you have it! The real Woodland Fairies and Party Pics coming up next!


  1. lydia - you ARE the bomb!

  2. Lydia great job. You must have pick up that talent from Mom not me.

  3. So much LOVE put into your parties! Your girls will treasure the memories! Way to go Momma! Hugs my friend!

  4. Amazing!! And inspiring... I have 9 months until Alice's next birthday, so maybe that's enough time for me to pull of a fun party.

  5. Lydia You are so amazing,such talent,a work of art and truly love from a mother's heart!