Friday, January 4

So This is Love

The girls were in bed, maybe two minutes. The mister and I sat quietly in the living room, staring out, without a thing to say. After a couple more minutes of silence, I spoke up, 

"The place looks so bare without the Christmas tree."


Another couple minutes of silence. 

"I saw this thing on Pinterest once where someone used nails and yarn to make words on a wall."

"I think I remember that."

"You wanna do that above the TV?"


Coolest. Mister. Ever.


  1. Wow! That is so impressive!!!! Amazing art!!! And amazing that it just came to you and turned out so awesome...well, maybe not so amazing since it is you & Stephen!! ;) I'm glad you can make your little apartment homey like that!!

  2. Oh, I hope you understood that I meant it isn't surprising that you guys just thought it & tried it on the spur of the moment & it turned out so are so spontaneous & creative!!! That's what I meant!! :)

  3. my sister is so talented...Lyd that looks amazing

    1. I had nothing to do with it, except to make the suggestion. :o) But thanks, sis!

  4. That what keep love glowing in each heart.

  5. Groovy! And you can keep it up all year long:)