Wednesday, January 30

Fairy, Fairy Fun!

Alright, folks, the final post on the party. The eight little fairies all crowded around our coffee table for a coloring contest. They all did really well. It was a tough job for the mommas to judge these little artists' works. 

Little tomato and cheese toadstools. Yummers! 

Death by chocolate overload here! But so pretty!

Party food consumption in progress! Ha!

Lily's homemade heart crown made me smile all day long! 

Talk about gorgeous fairy hair! 

This little one was spied several times with her new "lipstick" from Grandma. I found her at one point hiding out in her room covering her legs and arms with the stuff as well! She is definately my glam girl!

Our littlest fairy at the party. Stella was trying to show me her pretty eye shadow and blush all at one time. 

Color me shocked when the birthday girl hit the X on the first try!

Her sister made it even closer! Is there an Olympic game similar to this? Seriously!

The ladies waiting their turn to pin on those wings.

Finally, cake time! Yay! She was one happy little girl!

The best reaction of the gift giving was to a card made by her friend, Anna. It was decorated with glitter. Well, if there is anything Adelaide loves more than glitter, it would be more glitter. Our Fancy Addy is quite the anomaly in our house, and I love it!

Lily managed to find a quiet-ish place in the little apartment to draw some pictures of the day. 

Her solitude didn't last long. Who could resist such a hiding spot?

Well, the newest little Hickok should arrive in the next few weeks, giving Lily and I just enough time to get some planning in on her "Wild Girl Safari" party. Now that should be a ton of fun!

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  1. My sister is one HOT PREGNANT MAMA!!! My nieces are so cute!! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!