Tuesday, November 13

Our Final Days at Disney

Waiting for the Monorail to take us to a special breakfast date with Mickey!

We had a lovely Hawaiian breakfast at the Polynesian Resort. It was pretty sweet! Mickey, Goofy, Lilo and Stitch all joined us that morning, and we got to join in a parade around the restaurant playing maracas. 

After breakfast we headed to Animal kingdom for the day. 

This one is for Heather. Love ya!

Of all the princesses we met, Pocahontas was my favorite. She had developed a totally believable character. We talked all about our large tribe, being adventurers in this strange land, and the many canoes it must have taken to get us all there together. 

Our last day we went back to Magic Kingdom to catch up on the stuff we missed on day two.

My gorgeous sister-in-law, Tori, with the youngest of the group, Drew. He was about the best baby I have EVER seen. 

And he did this a lot. Seriously, amazing.

Goofing around on the monorail.

These are a couple of hard core Disney folks! They were awesome tour guides and made the trip so fun and exciting for us and the kiddos. 

These moments were few, thankfully. For how tired everyone was, attitudes were pretty chipper. 

I think my girls loved "Grandpa and Grandma Time" just as much as Disney.

Grandma and Grandpa with all the grandbabies. 

One last picture before heading home!


  1. homeofthecs.blogspot.comNovember 13, 2012

    makes me cry. I remember those days when my parents did the same thing for us and took us to disneyland. We had the best time. The pictures are what we have to remind us of our memories. Now my dad is gone and I am so thankful for the great time we had at Disneyland. sorry, so emotional today.

    1. Awe, dear friend, that is so sweet! I am glad you have those memories of your father to cherish and share with your kiddos. I think the girls will remember this trip forever. The best part was being with the whole family.