Thursday, November 8

Our Days off from Disney

With 4-Day Hopper Passes for the DW Parks, we decided to take a couple of days of in the middle of the week to rest and regroup before the last two days at the parks. On the first rest day, we made a not-so-quick stop at a Lego store in Downtown Disney. Since this was a HICKOK family vacation, we spent over two hours there, building, meandering, stuffing small containers with Lego, careful to fill every inch before purchasing. 
Watching the biological Hickoks in this environment reminded me that I may still have some strides to go in becoming a full-blooded Hickok. But, I enjoy seeing the kiddos (counting my husband, his brother, and his father in that group, just this once), loving every part of this little side excursion. 
I had a mocha in hand, so I was content to walk around and peruse the other stores in the area and just come back and check in ever twenty minutes or so. 

We have been to many Lego stores, but this one was just enormous! There was a fun outdoor race track for testing out your driving creations. My nephew Micah is a Lego natural!

When we headed back to the resort, it was game time, oh yeah!

Have you ever played Carcassone? It's a family favorite of ours, and a new Hickok tradition after this trip. Each game (with our cagillion expansions) takes anywhere from 2-3 hours to finish. And for the record-I DESPISE the catapult, forever and always.

Between games we even managed to get in some normal park time. One of my favorite things about this whole trip was seeing the young cousins playing together. 

Warning: Goosing in Process

The rest days at the resort were just my speed, low key and relaxing. There was plenty of coffee, cookies, and conversation to go around. I think I learned more about the mister's family on this trip than any other. I loved the talks we were able to have about Christ. There aren't many things that compare to staying up until 3am, talking about the Lord, and rejoicing in our various experiences that drew us closer to Him. I am privileged to say I got much more than I bargained for when I married my man. I became grafted into a pretty awesome clan that is good for my soul. 


  1. So wonderful to see you all having such a great time with the clan! What a blessing from God! LOVE the photos - they have that quirky, artsy Hickok flair :) Miss you , my dear friend!
    Hugs, Janet
    PS Love how Lily & Addy are looking so much alike these days. And so grown up - sniff :(
    Please give the girls hugs and love from me!

  2. Look at you and all of your cool photo angles! Whoot-whoot!!!! So cute:) Looks like you had a blast and a half. Legos are the best! Miss you and love you bunches~

    1. Joanie, I can not take credit for most of the park shots, those were mostly the mister. :o) But we do like dabblin in the fine are of nifty pics! :o) Miss you heaps and heaps.

  3. I wonder why you despise the catapult so much :) Grady and the carnies!! Love and miss you guys so much!

    1. It may have started with the evil stare-down your husband always gave to get me laughing and make me miss my catch!!!!! Not bitter, no, no.

  4. Love the pics, and as a newcomer to enjoying the Hickok side of my family, they amaze me, too.