Monday, November 5

Disney Family Adventure, Part 1

When I was a kid I truly believed, down to my toes, that I would never go to Disney World. I'm not sure I really believed it existed, like for reals. Magical places, as it is so often touted, only exist in story books, don't you know? Well, ding-ding I was wrong! Disney World does exist! And, if you should ask my girls, ages three and five, it truly is magical. 

Thanks to my very kind in-laws, we were able to take our first family vacation to Disney World (I fear we may have set the bar a bit high). Double Bonus: the mister's sweet parents and his younger brother's family were all there with us!
Quite the Hickok Holiday!

We spent the first day at Hollywood Studios. Basically, we took in tons of shows and movie-themed rides. We saw Mickey and several other lovable characters along the way as well. 

Here we are at our first show, Beauty and the Beast! Everyone loved it, including the boys.

Next we headed to a movie-themed ride, which sandwiched some rather lively and cheery movies (Mary Poppins and the like) around a rather dark middle section featuring shoot-em-up westerns and, of all things, one of the Alien movies (color me surprised!). Adelaide added to the spooky ambiance when an alien came out of the wall right next to us. I didn't know she had pipes like that! Several people turned around trying to figure out if that blood-curdling screaming was part of the act or not. Terrified was not exactly the emotion I was hoping the gleen from our children at the happiest place on earth. 

These next couple of shots were taken at a car-racing stunt show, loaded with high speed chases and lots of explosions. Notice the different reaction of the two five-year-old cousins. 

"I don't think they should do that!"

"Whoa! Totally awesome!"

My ever adorable niece Julia (three), watching on while grandpa snaps some cool shots. 

Gratuitous baby-bump photo for my besties in the Northwesties. 

Day two had us headed to Magic Kingdom.
Did you know you have to take a train or a ferry ride to get there?
We loved the ferry ride since it reminded us of Seattle. 

We ran into the Fairy Godmother just outside Cinerella's castle first thing in the morning!

I think our first ride of the day was Small World. Thankfully, there were no alien robots singing along. All the babes loved it. 

The mister's hat served two very key purposes. One: He was easy to spot in the crowds, just like grandpa in a similar blue lid. Two: It totally enhanced his handsomeness, something I previously thought impossible. Can I get an, "Ahhhhh."

My nephew Micah seems to love trains more than anything else.
He always wanted to ride the Tram or the Steam Train or the Peoplemover.
Let's just say, if you like trains, Disney has a wide variety to tickle your fancy. 

After two long days of crazy fun, we headed back to the condo with one totally glassy-eyed blondey and one completely knocked uot bairn. 

More pictures to come of the rest of the week at Disney. Woot! Woot!


  1. ya know mom's been to the small world attraction you too have something in common...can't wait to see more. luv ya sis

  2. Love all of the pictures! Your girls will never forget this:) Love you and can't wait to meet bump!

  3. For some reason my comments aren't popping up like they should! Anyways, thanks for the pictures! In the first picture where you are waiting for the "Beauty and the Beast" show to start I was saying to myself "There is NO WAY that she can be pregnant!" but then, as I scrolled down I was proven wrong. How does a 3pm (PST) and a 5pm (CST) sound for our date?

    1. Hmmm...we have HFG on Sunday night and have to leave here around 4:30. Could we do a 4pm our time instead?

    2. hmmm, we will still be eating.....we will make it work! I am so excited! The Bones are coming for lunch, I get to see and talk to you and the next day Curtis and I are taking a vacation! I might die of excitement!

  4. Wow what a gorgeous babe with a bump!