Saturday, October 6

The Near Perfect Saturday

I knew this day would come. Deep down I have always been a believer. Today, my friends, the far corners of my little world converged and had a little dinner party at our doll house. These corners are as follows:

1. Saturday Mornings, the easy, carefree kind we used to have before the babes
2. Little House on the Prairie
3. Pumpkin Spice Lattes
4. Vegging with BBC's Pride and Prejudice

How could all of these loves come together to form the perfect morning? I have no idea. Honestly, if I had planned it, I am sure one or all would have jumped ship before 9am. But, the gracious Lord smiled down on the Hickok women this morning in a fabulous way!

The short of it: the Mister went hunting around 6am with a buddy (details to come on that front later). That left me assuming this Saturday would slap me like a Monday. But, when I rolled out of bed at the crazy late hour of 9am (my first thought was that the girls had been kidnapped and I had slept though it), I knew this day was set aside for something special. Something spectacular. 

With a spring in my step at breakfast, I decided not to let the momentum lag. I loaded up the girls and hit Hobby Lobby for some craft stuff. I don't know about you, but my Craft Board on Pinterest had a whole lot of projects with not one attempted! We walked out of there with some embroidery hoops, string, and a stack of colorful felt. Oh boy, only good things could come from this! 

A quick drive though Starbucks and we added one latte and two hot cocoas to our bounty. Oh, this was getting better and better. Heads were gonna roll if this day didn't end in rainbows and unicorns. With all the goods on board, it was time to head home to get our Laura Ingalls Wilder on by teaching the girls some needle point!

Once home, I told the girls we should make popcorn and watch a "mommy movie" while we sew. As the corn was popping on the stove, Lily made a sweet sign to encourage all the movie goers.

Translation: Welcome to the best moovie theater movie. She gets her spelling skilz from her momma.

Nothing says "Chillin with my Gnomies" like a little homemade popcorn straight from the stove top. 

Starbucks, Jane Austen, and salty, buttery popcorn...I could burst! The best part? The girls were mesmerized by the dresses, horses and dancing in P&P! It was a very proud momma moment, I could have cried. 

Obviously, I am not Laura, but I had a lot of fun pretending.

I love her chubby little fingers!

Adelaide only needed a little help. Ok, a lot of help. But she sat contentedly on my lap and we passed the needle through the fabric back and forth. She felt so proud to be using a grown-up needle. 

I cut out the shapes, but Lily did all the stitching herself. She even stitched the legs and feet! Wait, are those called feet? 

Ok, no unicorns, but see? The morning did end in rainbows! little happy home. No fighting, no complaining, all three Hickok women joyfully content to sew, laugh at Lizzie, munch on popcorn and snuggle on the couch. I love my girls, I love the life God has given to the mister and me. 

PS. It's supposed to be a bird. 


  1. What a wonderful life and family God has blessed you with! LOVE you 3 girls!

    1. The mister and I were just talking about that same thing! Just reveling in the love we have for our family. There is nothing like the joy that comes from being with your children, snuggling them at night, giving them kisses and tickles. We just love it! Of course it isn't really all rainbows and unicorns, but there is a lot of good stuff in those times too.

      You would have loved it here today, my friend. Wish I could have picked up a second latte for you. :o(

  2. Randy wants to know if Steve went squirrel hunting. :) I love you all.. miss you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!

    1. Yes, (actually squirrel, rabbits, and hogs) but all he shot was a water moccasin (with the photo to proove it)! Maybe next weekend...

  3. lol. by the way. I've never seen pride & prejudice. I guess we need to get together soon :)

    1. WAH? You have never seen Pride and Prejudice? Ok. Do NOT watch the hollywood version from like 5 years ago (terrible!!!!). You are only allowed to watch the insanly long 6 hour BBC version with me over some random holiday that we get together. Deal?

  4. I don't think I'll ever watch it on my own so deal :)