Sunday, October 21

New Bed by MisterMade, Phase 1

In the beginning was a bed. The bed was good. But through a series of unfortunate events it was forced to lay upon the ground in shame, waiting for the day when it would rise up and be held in high esteem once again. A little dramatic? Possibly, but after ten months of rolling onto the floor to get up, it was starting to get a bit dramatic around here!

 It's hard to explain our taste in furniture. We both like vintage, but not gradma-y. We both like industrial, but not grungy. We both like modern, but not contemporary. If you are totally confused, well, I don't blame you. I couldn't figure out why I didn't like any bed out there that wasn't thousands of dollars. Apparently "custom" means insanely expensive. After months and months and months of searching and searching, I found this sweet little bed at World Market (I know! Bizarre, right?). Finally, something we both agreed on! Alas, while being almost reasonable ($600ish), it was still out of our price range. So, we kept looking. 

Then, miraculously, I found the building plans for this very similar bed on Anna White's site (she has so many great ideas and good step by step tutorials on building furniture).

The mister printed the cut list and headed to Home Depot. It was a good day in our house.

Phase 1 Complete! 

Phases 2 includes:

1. Building the headboard
2. Framing the top part of the platform
3. Make the legs spectacular
4. Covering screws and sanding wood
5. Staining it something purdy

While lots of work remains to be done on the bed, I am more than content just to be up off the ground! The rest can wait for a house with tools. 

I'm still amazed the man got this built in our little apartment, in under two hours, with minimal tools, and no garage. He's just the best, my friends. That bed is SOLID! There is something so satisfying about making something yourself for your family. I think the mister sees building stuff for us, the way I see baking. We both love the process and revel in the finished product, pleased to work hard for our family. 

Oh, and I can't forget the niftiest feet dangle when sitting on the edge! This is one smiley lady! 


  1. That's awesome!! I must admit when I saw the title of the blog I was preparing myself for something more like that coffee table on wheels...but this is sleek yet still so "you2" - oh, and I understand the "feet dangling" part...I like a couch that I can dangle my feet from. :) Enjoy being off of the floor!! :)

  2. Love it!!!! Can't wait to see the finished product:) Miss you xoxoxoxo

  3. Good job Stephen. It is looking good. Lydia now you can in comfort. Send Dad pictures of the completed project. Love you all. Dad

  4. I love Ana White's website!
    Nicely done, Steve!! Way to make a pregnant mama super happy! Way to make a happy gushing over him on your blog!! :-)
    You two are awesome. :-)
    Carol Blanchet