Wednesday, October 10

A Strange Day

Some mornings are no good. Down right terrible. They push, you push back, they push harder, and then everything hits the fan. That was this morning. I fumed for a good while, then forgave them, but still would not seek forgiveness from them for my own anger. 

After some pretty startling news about an incident at our apartment clubhouse this afternoon, I was pretty shaken up, but not for the obvious reasons. Today, I'm taking a step back and remembering my gifts. They are on loan to me and the mister by my most loving Savior. I'm thankful God reminds me, admonishes me, and forgives me when I play the fool. 

When my girls look like this, they seem so much younger, and more fragile. Their little spirits are so easy to crush. It has been a strange day on so many different levels. I think some time in God's Word and some lovin on the babes in definitely in order. 


  1. What a great God we serve to give us these gracious reminders of His goodness to us on what seems to be the hardest days! Glad to hear that you are safe and that your girls are safe. Soak in the rest of the day dear friend, bask in God's goodness toward you.

  2. Lydia I think the Lord everyday for three wonderful gifts and He keep giving. Now I can thank Him for three wonderful grandchildren.You are doing a great job as God keeper of two precious little one. When things get down just remember the Lord is right beside you all the way. Give a kiss and a big hug to the girls from me. Dad

  3. Inspiring you are. I would have a completely different attitude and I'm am AWEMAZED at your spirit. I love you sis!

  4. hey look sis, CHRISTMAS JAMMIES...i addy almost opened the wrong box and lilly thought she was getting a Carcazon game...Addy looks exactly like you in this pick..It reminds of the picture of you sprawled out on grandma's rices couch when you were like 4 and you were sick...we have a picture.