Tuesday, September 25


I missed my house today. Literally, sad pangs of longing reverberating in my heart. Silly, huh? Specifically, that chalkboard. Sillier, maybe? I miss all the chalky, dusty pictures drawn up by the mister and then duplicated by the girls. I miss saying, "Momma is cooking right now, sweetie. Please go draw something fantastic on the board for me to look at during dinner." 

Rumor has it the man has some new chalkboard schemes up his sleeves for our little apartment. It can't come soon enough. I feel like I could use it a thousand times a day and save a thousand trees worth of paper! The real reason I miss it? I keep thinking how handy that board would be for homeschooling.

Homeschooling for the first time has been interesting, overwhelming, and delightful. We made the decision to do Classical Conversations this year with Lily. It is a rigorous program and keeps us rather busy during the day. My biggest challenges:

1. Keeping the younger occupied without disrupting my groove (no one should be messin with a momma's groove, y'all). 
2. Finding time to get errands run, with schooling taking up the mornings, and afternoons cut up with nap time for the youngest. 
3. Getting all those crazy memory songs out of my head when I am trying to fall asleep!

We are four weeks in to this crazy new schedule, and I miss my chalkboard. That about sums it all up.

Some of my dear WA friends have asked for more picture updates of the family. Well, between homeschooling and the first exhausting months of pregnancy, I have barely snapped a shot of the girls, or the man or myself. Hooray for being 16 weeks along, still fitting in all my clothes (thank you morning sickness, you sly devil), and finally enjoying cooking again! 

As I get the hang of homeschooling and motherhood, I will try to update the blog more often. For all my fellow homeschooling mommas, my admiration for you has skyrocketed. For all my tens of readers, you are loved.


  1. I love you Lydia. I miss you, your kidlets, your hubby, your chalkboard, your wisdom, your laugh, your blue eyes, your tallness, your cool house full of ideas, singing with you, worshipping with you, your kids awesome imaginations.....Yeah. I miss you!

    1. My friend, YOU also are missed. Like when the mister was helping you today with your computer question, it seemed like we were just a block away from your little office at school. Sigh. I miss You, your green sweater, your crazy-one-day-sleek-the-next hair, your laughter, your honesty, your knowing smirk, your child-like giddiness, your love for your family, your self sacrificing nature, your GORGEOUS alto notes, and your love for our Savior. Love you baby! You're a cool cat.

  2. Oh GIRL did you ever jump into homeschooling! Do you like CC? I've been debating it, but have only debated in thought. Would love to hear how Lily is doing. AND...on the chalkboard...we're thinking about doing something like that in the schoolroom, but is it messy? Dusty? A bother? I'm guessing not since you miss it so much...but wanted to ask ;o)
    Happy that you are feeling so much better, HOT mama!!

    1. I do like CC. The mister and I both did a lot of reading up on it. I attended a three day practicum last May which helped answer some questions for me. It is hard, I think just the task of homeschooling is hard for me. I thought since I have an education degree that I would be this great homeschooling mom. Ha! I chose to teach high school for a reason. Teaching little minds and finding different ways to get them to understand stuff is frustrating to me. But, I am growing and the girls are learning. I read Climbing Parnassus and The Well Trained Mind this summer, that helped me a ton.

      The Chalkboard. Yes, it can be messy, but I didn't have it over carpet or around stuff I couldn't just wipe off, so that was no biggy. I like the look of it so much more than a white board (I can't stand when those things get marks that don't come comletely clean, or the price of the markers). I would choose to have another one again, like I said. I liked cleaning it once a week or two. It is like old school, sending the girls to the backyard to clean the erasers, dust flying, loads of giggles. I loved it.

    2. Ooops, you asked how Lily was doing...I just blathered on about how I was doing with it! Ha!

      Lily loves it. They provide tons of songs and other resources for tackling the memory work. She knows a crazy amount of information already. She loves the music and the class day she spends with her friends.

      I have to teach math and reading on the side, so that takes up some of our time, too. Once she is reading fluently, it will get easier for her.

  3. So fun! Give lots of updates on how it's going! You know, when you aren't nauseous or edumacating little people. :) Did you like TWTM? I liked parts but really felt like she missed the big picture by allowing the idea that it could be secularized. You might really like "The Core" - it's by Leigh Bortins who started CC. Excellent book.

    1. I have heard a lot about the Core and would like to read it...time, my friend. Maybe CHristmas break? What I liked about TWTM was the break down by ages and general guidelines for those ages. Very practical for me, educating my eldest with no idea how she stacks up to others her age.

      Road to Parnassus is also very secular (but with some little sprinkles of the Gospel) and more theory than practicality. A ton of history of Classical Ed. versus Modern Ed. Plodding, but the kind of plodding that makes you feel good when you have read a whole page. I like L Bortins a lot and have read a bunch about her, too.

      Down here, CC seemed like the best option for homeschooling in our area. Many families in our church use it. There are several well established communities in our city, so they know what they are doing and are doing it well.

    2. Ha, what?! You are swimming in time, I'm sure. I am!

      I'm adding Road to Parnassus to my list now. And for real, keep updating. :)

  4. hey sis at least you got dad for a few days to help out. You got mom for all them k-5 questions for lily. It will be ok!! Don't stress so much, sista. Dad can keep Addy entertained. I love you.and hope you have fun time with dad.