Thursday, August 16

So They Say

Since moving here in January, every time the mister or I commented on how lovely the weather is down here, people quick to warn us, "Just wait until August."

In June, we proudly proclaimed that, thus far, we loved the heat! "Well, just you wait until August." 

July hit, and it was hot. Really hot. We loved each blistering moment of it. With the swimming pool right out the front door, we would spend three days a week swimming and soaking in the rays. 

And finally, August.

It was so bright out, I couldn't see Addy's expression in this shot until I got home. Since this was the mister's favorite (of course), I had to include it.

It was 108 degrees today. It was awesome. 


  1. ohhhhhhhhhhh I just seeing pics of the girls. They look like they were having fun. Thanks Lydia for sharing. Dad

  2. You are delusional! Must be the heat!!

    1. haha! Could be! I think we just slowly got used to the rising temps since we are outside everyday. Stephen walks to work every day (and comes home for lunch and then back again) in the heat, and he still hasn't felt like it is too much for us. I think I would probably be cold if i came up there right now.

  3. hey sis, they all warned ya about August, but ya didn't believe it till it That looks like fun...You should of gone in an gotten wet too!!!

  4. You guys are just so cheerful and adaptable to wherever God places you! Thanks for setting such a great example!
    BTW, where are the photos of you in the fountain?? Next time, promise ? :)