Monday, August 6

Fine Art to Inspire Your Afternoon

Many of you know the mister takes sermon notes in a rather stellar fashion. Usually some kind of caricature of the preacher (sorry Shaun!) with a catchy word bubble or two to make the "notes" official. I have known many a bizarre figure to grace the pages of his art, really anything is game: squirrels, chickens, the random peg-leg or two. 

So here I am, trying to focus on the sermon, while keeping one eye glued to me youngest wiggle worm and one eye wavering between the mister's notes and the sermon itself. Tricky trickster, but I manage with relative success. Well, that obviously was not enough work for one Sunday morning, so let's go ahead and throw in my oldest daughter following resolutely in her father's footsteps. 

The mister got her started with a nice little house outline for her to quietly fill in. I believe he added the bushes, some stairs, and the plane for good measure. The rest is all Lily. 

The stories were related to me by the artist AFTER church (paraphrased of course).
 Another rainy day on the homestead for this busy group of ladies. Good thing the fire keeps them all nice and toasty, even the cat and the dog (who must be kept on separate floors for their own well-being). Upon entering the house, you first step into the mudroom, a place for boots and a coat tree with a hat. After walking the dog, drop your mail on the table with the lovely bouquet of flowers before heading upstairs. Take some time to type on that old clickety-clack typewriter before petting the little kitty. Up the next floor you can relax with some TV and a nap. Finally, head to the attic where there sits but one lonely lamp on a table. Feel free to look out the windows in an eerie fashion and scare the neighbors. They really like that. 

In this second scene you will find a couple of goodly stores owned and operated by a couple of goodly sisters. They share a delivery truck (hence the every-other spelling of their names on the side. We're talking some hard-core sharing). Today, two ladies have visited both lovely establishments. The one who came to Addy's place made out with a nice book and a bag filled with dresses. Unfortunately, the young woman who went to Lily's Shoe Store found nothing "in her style." Perhaps another time. 

And finally, the most frightening of them all (hide yo children, hide yo wife, hide yo husbands, cause this is one spooky tale). See that lady on the right, the tall one? Well, apparently she kidnaps the magical little people of this far away land and puts them all in cages. Even the little birds and fishies. One lonely yellow bird whistles a sweet tune to keep her from being frightened. But wait! I see two jail birds escaping through a long tunnel. Soon they will return with help to defeat the scary lady and free all the little people, birds and fishies. The End. 

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  1. those stories were just so ravishing. Amazing. Ive seen some of stephens drawings. The mister has quite the imagination. this is beka.