Thursday, August 9

Celebrating Nine Years

It has been a crazy ninth year of marrige. The move, the mister's new job, our new church, just so many changes. On top of that, it has been a wacky past few weeks! Finding out we are expecting Baby#3, and getting slammed pretty quickly with all that the first trimester could throw at us. It has been a rough one, no doubt. But, I am grateful for the many sweet products of being so sick. To list a few:

1. I got the see my husband selflessly serve the whole family by taking on most of my domestic duties. Somehow, I gained enough strength to still bark out directions from the couch on the proper way to load a dishwasher. The mister wasn't even phased. Just rolled his eyes and did the work. 

2. I enjoyed sweet pampering from my girlies, eager to help inside-baby get bigger. My favorite moments where when they gave me "momma kisses" followed promptly but tiny "baby kisses" intended only for the wee one. 

3. My prayers have been answered and I have been feeling so much better for the last three days! Just in time for our anniversary! 

This year, all I really wanted for our anniversary were some pictures with the mister. You know, where we are both present in the same shot? Well, I wasn't disappointed. After a lovely, quiet dinner out, we headed to the riverfront to snag some shots together. 

There is something totally embarrassing about walking around a public park and posing for a camera. I don't know why. Maybe I feel like we are reliving our senior portraits or something? I don't know, but I did have a blast and was thrilled to be able to document our ninth anniversary. 

I had to put this in. Let me make it perfectly clear that his was all the mister's idea. Since we started dating, he has always loved to twirl me (and the girls, too), in random places like parking lots, and grocery stores. AWKWARD! Being tall (and clunky), I have never felt comfortable doing things I deem "too girly." Being spun, or dipped, or anything that resembles dancing of any kind is not in my comfort zone. As if that wasn't completely obvious to you all now! 

Here is where I randomly include our engagement photo. Yep.

So, there we are, nine years together. I love this man, my best friend. Thankful for every moment the Lord has given us. 


  1. Congratulations dear friends!! We love and miss you two and the girls!! So glad that you are starting to feel a little bit better! Praying for your health and your baby's health daily!

  2. So fun. We miss you guys. How many photos were there that steve had a goofy face?
    Happy anniversary y'all

    1. Actually, not too many! He was on his best behavior! Haha! Miss you guys too. Pulled out the "Olympic Games Party" photo from your first year of marriage with the whole clan together. Miss all those times. Love you guys!

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  4. You are such a darling couple! Your love for one another is so evident - can just see it in your eyes. :-)
    Love the twirling - just love it. Love it that you got a picture of it too.
    So glad you are feeling better. (Mint gum really helped me.) God is so good to sustain you and give you a timely reprieve!
    Miss you out here in the West, even though we only seemed to see eachother at Charlotte's.
    Carol Blanchet
    (I deleted the first one, because it had a typo...sorry)

  5. Happy Belated Anniversary sweet Friends! Sorry I missed your post ;o) Been thinking a lot about you Lyd. Will most likely be FBing you soon.
    And totally off the subject...I love the sandals, and the belt. I wear my belts the same way. We're so kindred that way. HA!