Sunday, July 1

Chocolate Goodness

A carrot for my mister. Come home. I made chocolate cake.  


  1. How in a world did you have time making all that and joining in with Lily in hummming a song to me. I know with Beka and Mom there you don't have much free time but that okay. You need to send some home with beka for me. Love you Dad

    1. Thanks, Dad! I love baking, and cakes are my favorite thing to bake, by far. We had a home fellowship group last night at our church, so I was in charge of bringing dessert. I love any excuse to make a pretty cake. I will see what I can send up with Beka. Probably not cake, but we shall see....

  2. My Word, Lydia! I thought these were photos from a cooking magazine! Fabulous job! And knowing you, delicious too! Miss you ( and your cookin'!) Love you! Janet