Thursday, June 7


Thursdays, I don't know, sometimes they shake me up.  A bit frazzle-dazzled this morning, I decided to ditch the to-do list and get out of the house and see what we could make of this Gloomsday Thursday. 

 After breakfast and some school work, we biked over to the base (I got a little choked up seeing both girls riding big-girl bikes.) Lily has a peculiar and marvelous habit of dialoguing our biking adventures. 

Some choice clips from this morning include:

"Goodbye, Town! Hello, Country!"

"California, here we come!"

"Yee Haw!"

"Watch out world! Cheetah on a bike!"

She yells them from the top of her lungs. They are strung together like fragments from a story with very key pieces missing. I should be embarrassed, but I beam. (If I don't put these out there, I will forget. You see, Thursdays are a vacuum, singular to themselves. Without solid documentation, nothing gets out.)

I snapped some shots of Thursday Stuff going on around here, defying that Thursday vacuum. 

The girls playing with their little box theatre. 

The eldest documents her life on post-its.

How is your Thursday shaping up? I think we will have chicken for dinner.  

Once I get out of this willy-nilly day, I have loads of things coming up: 

The mister heads to San Diego for the next three days for some Navy business. Eek!
I'm panning a lovely tea party this weekend with my girls and the two little girls from next door.
I'm also looking forward to visiting the Shreveport Farmer's Market for the first time this weekend!
Saturday night, I have highly anticipated date planned with the laundry and Jane Austin.

So long, my friends. I'm off to play Mancala with my girls. Be awesome today!


  1. We should trade Thursdays! I'll play with the girls and eat breakfast cake and you can reorganize my house :) Deal?! Love you friend!