Saturday, June 9

Shreveport Farmer' s Market

Entering the market this morning, I had lofty plans, (strolling through the Farmer's Market, girls gripping my hands and skipping along, somewhere close by beignets are bubbling in hot oil, a husky man with a husky voice singing with his husky harmonica, and beaming happy faces all around). Of course, I know ahead of time, that three years olds, heat, and crowds are a deadly combination. But, with the Mary Poppins Soundtrack repeating solidly in my head, I came to the market with full faith that all would come up rosy. And, for the most part, it did (Advatage-Hickok). Yes, the youngest babe was a wee bit testy by the end, but we rather enjoyed ourselves.

I attached the camera to Lily's wrist and let her go hog wild with photographing everything. She does a nice job, especially since most of the tables are eye level for her. Here are some of her best shots, with a couple others thrown in for good measure. As you will see, she has a knack for spying out interesting angles and interesting peoples. 

A special thanks to my mister in San Diego today. You prayed that I would be a cucumber, and I was. 


  1. Yummmmmmmmmmmmy well you stop making me hungry. Lily nice picture you did a nice job. Lydia why didn't you get your face painted? I know I need to get down there soon. Dad ( Grandpa)

  2. Love the honey & umbrella photos! And the last one of the three of you. What no face paint Lyd?! :) Glad you all had so much fun!