Friday, June 29

Missing the Mister, Day 1

I dropped the mister off at the airport yesterday morning. Right now, he is somewhere in Manilla, awaiting his fourth flight into the Philippines later today. 

I am not sure what exactly came over me yesterday. I have been a bit stubborn about adorning the apartment. Knowing it is temporary, I really didn't want to put any effort into decorating it. But, when I walked into our place after the airport run, I got an intense desire to spruce it up, just a little. 

Determined not to head to the store, I rummaged through the terrifying, monster-filled closet, stuffed with things unknown to mortal man. That led me to a two-hour-long organization bonanza! The girls loved it. I almost lost my mind. They had their sweet little fingers into every box I pulled out. No worries, everything found a place, and the closet looks loverly (Check that off the "To Do Before I Die" list).

The little gems recovered from that treasure hunt? Maps! I had forgotten about these guys. We scored a collection of maps of the Washington coast and islands at a rummage sale last year. They were just rolled up and tucked away. So, I took some tacs and stuck them up on the wall. I know it isn't perfect, or professional (and that middle one needs to be raised a smidgen), but it adds something interesting to the bland living room, and it distracted me from missing my man only three hours after our goodbyes (thankfully my mom and sister arrive tonight and will be here for nine days! Otherwise, who knows what this place would look like when the man gets home). 

Well, the maps led to the rug, and the rug led to bringing in a different chair. I sat down and just exhaled for a moment. My gaze then wondered to the open door of our bedroom. I just couldn't stop. I still had more maps and one very large neglected wall above our bed. 

I took a black and white map of Vancouver Island and tried just tacking it above our bed. Now, that just looked silly.

"Girls! Shoes on! We are going for a ride!"

Off to Target (so much for not buying anything)! I landed these two poster frames for $4.95 each on clearance! Ten bucks later, and one big cut down the middle of the map, and BAZZZINGA! New art for the bedroom!

Yeah, still no bed frame. But, I have kinda gotten used to it. I think one of these days, the mister is gonna build me a bed frame and a coffee table, all in one swoop! It is always worth the wait with that guy. 

I Skyped with my man this morning from Manilla. I told him all about my mappy day. He just smiled and gave me a very obvious knowing look. I think he is most glad mom gets here tonight to keep me in line.


  1. Love your Vancouver Island map idea. Why buy a huge frame when you can buy 2? ;o) Have a wonderful time with your sister & mama. Hugs!!!

    1. And huge frames are crazy expensive!! I took one of our really nice maps (not shown above) and wanted to have it framed for one of the mister's birthdays. Quoted at well over $200! Yikes! I guess I am just a cheap skate, but I have no problem using poster frames and passing them off as art! Haha!

  2. Well, I guess somebody need to keep you in line while Stephen gone. I know you, Beka, and your mom and the girls will keep you busy. Have fun and take pics. Love you. Dad