Saturday, May 12

Recovery of the Dining Room

Remember when we first moved in? We all sat around a 2'x2' table eating meals like giants on an extended stay vacation with the Lilliputians. Well, it took us a couple months, but we finally found this little table and chair set at Goodwill. Since the purchase, I have been eager, to say the least, to recover the icky stripy fabric. 

Today was that day!  

The Before (Obviously!)

Stop by anytime, for a chat, my peoples! 


  1. I will sometime after July. I will let you know when.
    Lydia you wonderful work. Call you soon. Love you all.


  2. Beeeeee-autiful, Lydia! We just recovered our kitchen chairs last weekend and love the change. I gota try the clipboard idea...good one.