Wednesday, May 16

Rainbow Party Games

Man, it was a fun day. I love birthday parties. I get giddy with the girly giggles, watching all the sweet kiddos running around, whispering, laughing. Made me very smiley. To top it all off, the mister came home for an extra long lunch to celebrate with us. Made me even more smiley! 

For those who want to be in know, here's the basic rundown of the day's activities:

Phase #1. Decorating the patio floor with Chalk Rainbows. 

Phase #2. A Rainbow Hunt!

The best part of the hunt, was the mister's intro to the girls. He told them that there was a Super Moon last week (once in a lifetime thing, apparently), that caused all the rainbows to fall from the sky. Coincidentally, they all landed and fell apart on the grounds surrounding our apartment. It was the girls' job to find all the stripes of a rainbow so the heavenly bodies could then retrieve those fallen rainbows, and galactic balance could once again be restored. How very Rainbow Bright of us!

Haha! He pulled that out of nowhere! Love him and his crazy brain!

Basically, the girls had to run around and find the six colors of the rainbow (we skipped indigo) that were tacked to different trees and fences. It was half race, half scavenger hunt. Totally rad! 

Phase #3: Cloud Piñata. 

OK, in my defense, I made this CLOUD Piñata last minute the day of the party. There, I lay my excuses down. Judge on. (There is a rather funny story behind my need to make this last minute, but I will save that one for another day). For my part, I thought it was genius, for a rush job. When I looked at it, I really did see a cloud. Eager for the mister's assessment when he come home, I asked what he thought about it. He said, "Looks awesome! [Pause] Also, it kind of looks like a cloaked donkey." Then another momma contemplatively added, "No, more like a Snuffleupagus!" I about died laughing.  It's supposed to be a cloud! OK, a donkey/Snuffleupagus shaped cloud, yo. 

The important thing was the kids had great fun hacking away at it. Only one injury incurred. I call that Victory!

Cake and Candles coming up!


  1. Smashing! Simply Smashing!!! LOVE the photo of Lily <3 and Addy is classic in the 2nd one. Love you guys to pieces!

  2. AnonymousMay 16, 2012

    Mmmm, taste the rainbow! I totally see the angelic snuffalupagus.

  3. Marianne A.May 16, 2012

    Mark says he sees an albino snuffleupagus. :-) Whatever, I think it was a very cute party!

  4. I'm sure it's rude to comment before I've even read the post, but two things. One, that first picture is tiny shrunken you. Two, the fourth picture down, the one of the redhead coloring? Really great picture. Srsly.

    1. Knowing you, I don't know if you know this about yourself, BUT.....You are a great encourager! I know you are super smart and frank, and honest (also awsome qualities), but always encouraging. Thanks! I always look at pics first, too. Miss you and your sweet family!